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Seven utilities from Stillwell Software - includes menu maker.
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Seven utilities from Stillwell Software – includes menu maker.
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COMPARE.EXE 22253 12235 deflated
COPYF.EXE 29553 16291 deflated
FP.DOC 51053 13462 deflated
FP.EXE 31879 17557 deflated
INSTALL.EXE 29193 16082 deflated
MENU-EDT.EXE 33361 18220 deflated
MENU.EXE 29867 16367 deflated
MENU1.HLP 983 501 deflated
MENU2.HLP 2582 1122 deflated
READ.ME 1846 393 deflated
SHELL.EXE 61866 30190 deflated
SHELL.HLP 4406 1086 deflated
VIEW.EXE 22509 12516 deflated
WHERE-IS.EXE 20767 11361 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


To get a printed copy of the documentation for the FreePack
program perform the following steps:

(1) Turn your printer on.

(2) Hold the `Ctrl' key down while pressing the `PrtSc' key
(this will cause everything printed on your screen to sent to
your printer).

(3) Type the following: "TYPE FP.DOC" (do not type the quotes),
and then press the ENTER key.

(4) After the documentation has been printed (34 pages), hold
down the `Crtl' key while you press the `PrtSc' key. The screen
display will no longer be sent to the printer.


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