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An EGA/VGA font file compiler for Star Menu(tm) version 2.01 Uploaded by Author.
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An EGA/VGA font file compiler for Star Menu(tm) version 2.01 Uploaded by Author.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ANTIQUE.FNT 4096 1477 deflated
ANTIQUE.FTX 52096 4644 deflated
COURIER.FNT 4096 1397 deflated
FFC.DOC 4586 1953 deflated
FFC.EXE 6031 5742 deflated
FFR.EXE 5891 5619 deflated
FRESNO.FNT 4096 1314 deflated
MEDIEVAL.FNT 4096 1407 deflated
ORDER.FRM 1497 531 deflated
ROMAN.FNT 4096 1414 deflated
SANSERIF.FNT 4096 1238 deflated
SCRIPT.FNT 4096 1585 deflated
STANDARD.FNT 4096 1269 deflated

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Contents of the FFC.DOC file

FFR.EXE A Font File Reader &

FCC.EXE A Font File Compiler for

Star Menu(tm) Version 2.01

A Professional Menu and System
Management Program For the IBM
PC/XT/AT/ PS/2 or True Compatible

IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines, Inc.

Available from Perry Hall BBS
(301) 256-7314 8-N-1 ANSI 9600 baud
(Additional info in Appendix A)

AstroSoft Data Systems(tm), Inc.
P. O. Box 12295 Baltimore, Maryland 21281

Program and Documentation: Victor E. Cummings


This is a very simple utility set for Star Menu(tm) to create your own
EGA/VGA font files for use with your menu system and editor. The
programs contain little error checking. This documentation is short, so
please read it so that you may obtain the desired results.

Star Menu(tm) and a some other programs allow you to load a font other
than the standard font programmed by your EGA/VGA controller card. The
font file contains 256 characters. Each character consists of 16 bytes.
The length of an EGA/VGA font file for 25 line mode is 4096 bytes. The
EGA card uses characters that are 8 x 14 pixels. The VGA card uses
characters that are 8 x 16 pixels. When modifying the .FTX files in
this archive, you must leave all 4096 lines. Each line preceeded by a
number from '0' through '9' or a letter from 'a' through 'e' represents
the hexadecimal byte number for a letter in the font set. The 8
characters after each hexadecimal byte placement are the bit
representation of the byte within each character. A set bit is
represented with an 'X', and a reset bit is represented by a '.' period.


FFR.EXE is a utility which reads a 4096 byte .FNT file and generates a
text file output with the extension .FTX (Font Text File). You may then
edit this file with a text editor. To turn a bit position on in the
font, just place a capital 'X' in the bit position which you wish to set
or turn on. Place a period in each position which you wish to reset or
turn off. Make sure that you leave the preceeding hexadecimal number
and that each of these characters are in the first column of the .FTX
file. All 256 characters must remain in the file, and the file is read
sequentially, so do not move or delete characters, simply modify them to
your taste. A sample FTX file is included: ANTIQUE.FTX. To generate an
.FTX file, just type FFR FILENAME (where filename is the eight character
filename of a 4096 byte file with extension .FNT). The extension .FNT
is assumed.


FFC.EXE is a font file compiler. The program will generate an EGA/VGA
font file from the .FTX file which you have modified to your taste. To
compile your modified .FTX file, simply type FFC FILENAME (where
filename is a .FTX file which you have modified). The extension .FTX is


Just rename the font which suits your preference to ALT.FNT, and place
it in your Star Menu directory. Then from the Program Action Toggles
screen in the configuration program, turn on the feature to load an
alternate font. You may wish to create some menus to copy different
fonts to the file name ALT.FNT in your Star Menu directory. If you
toggle Alternate Font on Exit, then the controller will remain
reprogrammed with this font until a mode change is encountered. This
may enable you to use the new font within your word processor or editor.

Some sample font files have been included in this archive for you to



Astrosoft Data Systems, Inc. no longer runs a support board. If you
wish to get the latest version of Star Menu(tm), it is available on
Perry Hall BBS which is the authorized Star Menu(tm) central
distribution point. Victor Cummings logs on there, if you have
questions or comments. Also feel free to write or call.

Perry Hall BBS:

(301) 256-7314 8-N-1 ANSI 9600 baud

FidoNet Address 1:261/1087 RbbsNet Address 8:936/109
Rime Address ->PERRYHLL EchoNet Address 50:5301/1087
BBS Software UltraBBS (UBBS) 2.08 SysOp Jim Chmielewski

AstroSoft Data Systems(tm), Inc.
P.O. Box 12295
Baltimore, MD 21281 (301) 675-3607

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