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Comprehensive shell For DOS, provides the "Look and Feel" of UNIX/XENIX.
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Comprehensive shell For DOS, provides the “Look and Feel” of UNIX/XENIX.
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Contents of the README file

* fLIST *
* Version 3.01 *
* *
* Copyright (c) 1985-89 by CodeCrafters. *
* All rights reserved. *

This file will relate any revisions to the printed material
provided with the fLIST product.

Version 3.01 (06/01/89):
* File selection pattern matching has changed to become a
composite of all popular UNIX shells (Bourne, C-Shell and
Korn). This means the tilde (~) character has been changed
to an exclamation point (!) to agree with the Korn shell.
Since the tilde was an fLIST extension to metacharacters
used by the Bourne and C-Shell shells, this should not be
of major impact to Version 3.00 users.

* fLIST now uses the undocumented MS-DOS "switch character"
function call when invoking COMMAND.COM to better coexist
with alternate shell programs such as the MKS Korn Shell.

* A bug which caused the incorrect MS-DOS error message to
be displayed after Critical Device Errors has been fixed.

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