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Display all hidden directories.
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Display all hidden directories.
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Contents of the FINDHID.DOC file

Version 1.1 11/09/90
Written by Gary Steger

QED Software
165 Simeon St.
Kitchener, Ontario
N2H 1S7


Have you ever done a CHKDSK and got something similar to the following?

Volume HARD_DISK created 07-18-1990 9:46a
Volume Serial Number is 3A2B-10F4

212058112 bytes total disk space
77824 bytes in 4 hidden files
192512 bytes in 42 directories
44347392 bytes in 1934 user files
167440384 bytes available on disk

What?! FOUR hidden files? Hmm, I know there are two system files and one
disk label but what could the fourth one be? Some software packages create/use
these files without your knowledge. Worse yet, you may have hidden some of
those files yourself but have forgotten where they are and what they are
called. FINDHID will find and list all such files for you. It is up to you to
decide what to do with them. As an added bonus, FINDHID will also find read-
only files plus any directories which have these attributes.



where d: is an optional drive specifier (defaults to current drive). You
can redirect output to your printer if necessary using normal DOS
redirection (e.g. >PRN).


FINDHID should (I repeat, should) run on most MS-DOS or OS/2 systems.


The following files are included in FINDHID:


Unlike most other QED Software products, FINDHID is ***FREE***. That
means you don't have to register it to get a full-blown version or anything
like that. However, any contribution that you may want to send me would be
graciously accepted. I would also like to hear any comments or suggestions you
may have or if you discover any problems with the program. At the present
time, I am not operating my own bulletin board. However, you can reach me by
sending mail to Gary Steger in the IBM Conferences on Canada Remote Systems in
Mississauga (416-629-7000), EX-10 Canada in Kitchener (519-725-4400) or any
other BBS that is part of NANet. Of course, you can also write to me at the
address at the beginning of this file. If you require an answer mailed to you,
please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

You are free to pass this program along to friends, user groups, upload to
BBS's, etc. All of the above files MUST be included when distributing this
program. If you archive the program for distribution through BBS's, please use
the name FINDHID.ZIP (or .LZH, .PAK, etc. as appropriate). Software
distribution companies may include FINDHID in their catalogue provided that a
copy of the catalogue is sent to the author.

1.1 11/09/90 file sizes added
1.0 10/26/90 original release


This software is distributed "as is", without any warranty as to
performance or any other warranties whether expressed or implied. Because of
the many hardware and software environments into which this program may be
used, no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose is offered. The user
must assume the entire risk of using the program.

FINDHID is copyright (c) 1990 by QED Software. All rights reserved.

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