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Program designed to fill up floppy disks with the maximum number of files that can be fit onto them. Prompts when next disk is required.

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FILL.EXE: Program designed to fill up
floppies with the maximum number of files
that will fit into them. "FILL *.BAS" will
copy *.BAS files onto a floppy, taking the
biggest files first. When it can't fit a
file, it will skip it and move the next one.

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Program designed to fill up floppy disks with the maximum number of files that can be fit onto them. Prompts when next disk is required.
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Contents of the BRUCE310.DOC file


This documentation provides some overview information on a number of utilities
that have been posted by Wayne Software. All programs described herein were
written by Bruce Guthrie. Most are distributed with a Wayne Software copyright.
Others were written for the U.S. Department of Commerce. All are free for use
provided relevant documentation is kept with the programs, no changes are made
to the programs or documentation, and they are not bundled with commercial
programs or charged for separately.

CHANGE, CONVERT, FILUPDAT, FIXCHARS, and READ are excluded from the commercial
packaging restriction. These programs are owned by the U.S. Department of
Commerce and may be re-distributed without restriction.

or READINIT in commercial packages other than shareware/freeware collections
must pay a $50 registration fee to "Wayne Software" at the following address.
READMAKE-created files are also subject to this limitation. Comments and
suggestions can also be sent to:

Bruce Guthrie
Wayne Software
113 Sheffield St.
Silver Spring, MD 20910

fax: (301) 588-8986

Foreign users: Please provide an Internet address in all correspondence.

The utilities are uploaded with a ZIP name that includes the year and month of
the release. These names are:

AVymm.ZIP (a) AV program
BFINDymm.ZIP (a) BFIND program
CHANGymm.ZIP (b) CHANGE program
CONVRymm.ZIP (b) CONVERT program
DIRCOymm.ZIP (a) DIRCOMP program
DIRTOymm.ZIP (a) DIRTOTAL program
FILLymm.ZIP (a) FILL program
FILUPymm.ZIP (b) FILUPDAT program
FIXCHymm.ZIP (b) FIXCHARS program
MULCOymm.ZIP (a) MULTICOL program
NETSOymm.ZIP (a) NETSORT program
READymm.ZIP (b) READ program
(a) w/CONFIGWS program
(a) w/READINIT program
(a) w/READMAKE program

Note: "(a)" indicates owned by Wayne Software. "(b)" indicates owned by U.S.
Department of Commerce.

This collection of utilities were compiled using Microsoft's VisualBASIC for DOS
1.0 compiler. In each case, Thomas G. Hanlin III's excellent PBClone routines,
release 2.2, provided additional functionality. Each of the utilities are
separately described in a like-named *.DOC file. This documentation
(BRUCEymm.DOC--the file release date is indicated by the "ymm" parameter) serves
to summarize what the various utilities consist of.

Several of the routines have defaults that can be changed by the program
CONFIGWS.EXE which is included in the appropriate ZIP's.

Wayne Software also writes programs, batch files, and sets up menu systems for
people on a for-fee basis. If you desire this service, contact Wayne Software
at the address specified above.


A summary of each routine follows. See the associated *.DOC files for fuller

AV.EXE: Archive directory viewer. Presents list of files in archive (ZIP, ARC,
etc) and lets you sort as desired. Also allows resetting of the file date based
on the archive's contents. Syntax:

AV filespec [ /-P | /P ] [ /Ox | /O-x ] [ /DATE ] [ /Q ] [ /? ]

BFIND.EXE: Allows Boolean-type FIND requests. For example, find any line with
one string AND another one, or any line with one string OR another. The syntax
shown below is limited since "search" allows a lot of choices.

BFIND [ /V | /-V ] [ /C | /-C ] [ /N | /-N ] [ /I | /-I ] [ /P | /-P ]
[ /-HEADER | /HEADER ] { search } infile [ /? ] [ >filename ]

CHANGE.EXE: Processes change commands in files. Files can be of any size and
type (e.g. binary or text) and are processed quickly. Up to twenty-five change
commands can be processed in a single pass. Also provides ability to remove
trailing spaces from text files. Syntax:

CHANGE filename [ commandfile | /FROM string /TO string [ /IN search ] ]
[ /LINES { line1-line2 | line1 linect } ... ] [ /V | /-V ] [ /I | /-I ]
[ /Noutfile [ /OVERWRITE | /-OVERWRITE | /OVERASK ] ]
[ /Fflag_file ] [ /Ttemp_file ] [ /TRIM | /-TRIM ]
[ /BINARY | /TEXT ] [ /VERIFY | /-VERIFY ] [ /Q ] [ /? ]

CONFIGWS.EXE: Lets you change some of the defaults for some of the programs.

CONFIGWS [ routine ] [ /MONO | /-MONO | /COLOR | /-COLOR ] [ /? ]

CONVERT.EXE: Converts between data formats: FROM dBase, ASCII-delimited
(commas between fields and quotes around strings), and fixed field TO Lotus WKS,
ASCII-delimited, dBase, and fixed field. Syntax:

CONVERT infile [ outfile [ deffile ] ]
[ /DEF=deffile ] [ /FROM { FIXED | ASCII | ASCII=char | DBF } ]
[ /FIXED | /ASCII | /ASCII=char | /DBF ] [ /USEDEF | /NODEF ]
[ /TO { FIXED | ASCII | ASCII=char | WKS | DBF } ] [ /HEADER | /-HEADER ]
[ /SKIP | /MISSING | /ABORT ] [ /SAS ] [ /BEEP | /-BEEP ] [ /Q ] [ /? ]

DIRCOMP.EXE: Similar in some ways to DOS's REPLACE command but adds ability to
delete extra files in the destination subdirectory, copy hidden and system
files, and prepare a report showing inconsistencies. Syntax:

DIRCOMP directory1 directory2 [ /ALL ] [ /UPDATE ] [ /KILL ]
[ /CLONE ] [ /ATTR=[H][S][R] ] [ /NET ] [ /Ffilename | /FNUL: | /SKIP ]

DIRTOTAL.EXE: Prepares report showing files in subdirectory or drive. Allows
some restriction requests (show only files with date greater than a certain
value). Similar to Norton's FF and Ray Van Tassle's WIZ command (which is a
great program but it doesn't work on network or CD-ROM discs) in some ways but
presents a more formal report. Also allows you to look for duplicate file names
and search by attributes or dates. Syntax:

DIRTOTAL [ [ drive: ] ... [drive:][filespec] |
[ drive: ] ... [drive:]\path[\filespec] ]
[ /NORMAL | /WIDE | /THIN | /SPLIT ] [ /DUPS ] [ /CHILD ]
[ /NL ] [ /S { GT | GT | LT | LE | EQ | NE } value ]
[ /D { GT | GT | LT | LE | EQ | NE } mm/dd/yy ]
[ /ATTR=attr ] [ /Ffilename ] [ /Z | /-Z ] [ /SUB | /-SUB ]
[ /Ox | /O-x ] [ /BEEP | /-BEEP ] [ /Q ] [ /? ]

FILL.EXE: Program designed to fill up floppies with the maximum number of files
that will fit into them. "FILL *.BAS" will move *.BAS files onto a floppy,
taking the biggest files first. When it can't fit a file, it will skip it and
move the next one. Also provides option of splitting large files up. Syntax:

FILL [ source-filespec ] [ dest-drive: | dest-drive:\path\ ]
[ /MOVE | /COPY ] [ /PROMPT | /-PROMPT ]
[ /Ox | /O-x ] [ /Xfilespec ]... [ /WIPE | /-WIPE ] [ /MULTI | /SINGLE ]
[ /SPLIT ] [ /BEEP | /-BEEP ] [ /Q ] [ /? ]

FILUPDAT.EXE: Program which compares a selected list of files in a source path
against those in another path and copies those that have been updated. Similar
to DOS' REPLACE command but works from a stored list of files and can handle any
number of directories. Syntax:

FILUPDAT control_fil
[ /Flist_file [ /OVERWRITE | /APPEND | /-OVERWRITE | /OVERASK ] ]
[ /FULL ] [ /ALL ] [ /Q ] [ /? ]

FIXCHARS.EXE: Program which removes non-standard print characters from a text
file. Translates graphics characters into their ASCII equivalents. Also
expands tabs and removes backspaces. Is primarily intended for people who have
problems printing a file. Syntax:

FIXCHARS infile { outfile [ /OVERWRITE | /-OVERWRITE | /OVERASK ] |
/REPLACE } [ /BINARY | /TEXT ] [ /Ffilename ] [ /-EJECT ] [ /Q ] [ /? ]

MULTICOL.EXE: Program creates multiple column listings from straight ASCII
text, ASCII-delimited text, or dBase files. Also does subtotalling. Syntax:

[ /DELIM="string" ]
[ /LINES=n ] [ /WIDTH=n ] [ /EJECT | /-EJECT ]
[ /COLUMNS=n ] [ /WRAP | /-WRAP [ /INDENT=n ] | /REFLOW ]
[ /Ccontrol_file ] [ /SETUP="string" ] [ /RESET="string" ]
[ /{ TITLE | HEADER | FOOTER }[ R | C | L ][ 1 to 5]="text" ]
[ /{ TITLE | HEADER | FOOTER }{ T | B }="string" ]
[ /FROM ASCII | /FROM ASCII=char | /FROM DBF ] [ /DEF=deffile ]
[ /SKIP | /MISSING | /ABORT ] [ /GAP=n ] [ /USEDEF ] [ /TALLY ]
[ /SUM={ col_spec | var_spec } ] [ /BREAK={ col_spec | var_spec } ]
[ /PRINT={ col_spec | var_spec } ] [ /? ]

NETSORT.EXE: Slow but effective method for sorting files on a Banyan Vines (and
possibly other) server. Syntax:

NETSORT [ path ] [ /S ] [ /Ox | /O-x ] [ /BEEP | /-BEEP ] [ /? ]

READ.EXE: File browser. Only works with files of 16,000 lines or less (maybe
800,000 bytes). Other text viewers are out there. This one has some advantage
because it's free! Syntax:

READ [ filename ] [ /line ] [ /MONO | /-MONO | /COLOR | /-COLOR ]
[ /DOS | /-DOS ] [ /Pport ] [ /-I ] [ /? ]

READINIT.EXE: Creates and maintains the READ.INI file which may be used by
READ.EXE, READWK.EXE and any self-viewable file created by READMAKE.EXE.

READINIT [ /MONO | /-MONO | /COLOR | /-COLOR ] [ /-I ] [ /? ]

READMAKE.EXE: Program which takes an ASCII-text file and makes it
self-viewable. Provides same capabilities as the READ program. Syntax:

READMAKE infile [ outfile ] [ /OVERWRITE | /-OVERWRITE | /OVERASK ]
[ /DATE=FILE | /DATE=TODAY ] [ /TITLE="text" ] [ /? ]


If you can't get all of the utilities from your own sources, send $10 to the
address above and I'll send you everything. Please specify disk type.

Another Wayne Software product, called The DEMO System, is released as a
shareware program. The DEMO System is a unique system designed to create
text-screen demos, tutorials, help screens, etc. Look for the file

================================Revision history================================

Detailed revision history is only maintained for the last two or three releases.
After that, you get the major revision summaries only. After six months or so,
you get only earth-shattering stuff. No one reads this junk anyway, right?
Programmer types like to put in it in just to justify what they've been doing
over the last couple of years.

Release 93/10:

CONCAT: Dropped; no one ever asked about this program so what the hell.

CONVERT: Fixed a problem with X records in the control file.

DIRTOTAL: Fixed up a bug which dropped all output if /ATTR=H was specified.
Also fixed up the other /ATTR restrictions. Removed the 500 directory limit.
Added /Td:, /NORMAL, /THIN, /-Z, /CHILD, and /DUPS options. Sped up processing
for most types of requests.

FILL: Fixed a bug which ignored /COPY on large files if /SPLIT was used.

MULTICOL: Fixed a problem with X records in the control file.

READ: Fixed up a bug in some search operations. Switched it so that / is a
case-sensitive search; previously, all searches were case insensitive.

READWK: Dropped due to lack of user response to it. As it was, too many
spreadsheets couldn't be viewed with it anyway.

Release 93/09:

SIMTEL archives were out of action so no release this month. Versions are
probably floating by with this release date but those releases should be
considered "unofficial".

Release 93/08:

AV: Increased the maximum number of members that could be sorted. Officially,
it was 1000 before but it choked around 200. Now it can at least get to the
large LZH file I have (770 members). Added sorting options by by extension and
compressed size. Modified CONFIGWS to support these new options. Sped up
processing when resorting was required. Fixed up bug which prevented you from
changing back to an ascending sort once you selected a descending one. Added
/DATE and /Q toggles.

CONVERT: Removed the restriction for ASCII-delimited files that character
strings had to begin and end with quotation marks.

DIRCOMP: It's back! With some new options suggested by Jan Ornstedt from
Sweden. /CLONE, /ATTR=[R][H][S], and /SKIP. Also enabled Escape handling.

DIRTOTAL: Fixed a bug when it came to naming DIR files for CD-ROM and
Bernoulli drives.

FILL: Added a /SPLIT option which allows large files to be split across
multiple diskettes. Was a lot of work so I hope someone uses it!

MULTICOL: Removed the restriction for ASCII-delimited files that character
strings had to begin and end with quotation marks.

NETSORT: Fixed a bug that caused negative percentages to show up once you went
beyond about 30MB of files.

READWK: Well! That was embarassing! Not being a spreadsheet user, I got all
of my test worksheets off a compact disc that my office puts out--The National
Economic, Social, and Environmental Data Bank. I didn't realize that most
spreadsheets don't have embedded ranges and the program apparently blows up on
most spreadsheets! Added a two-pass handler which detects the proper size of
the spreadsheet and adjusts dimensions as appropriate.

Release 93/07:

READ: Added F9 (backward search for text). Fixed a bug in READMAKE--
searching didn't work at all.

Release 93/06:

DIRTOTAL: Added /Ox, /O-x, and /WIDE options.

READ: Added /-DOS and /DOS options and made them CONFIGWS-able.

Release 93/05:


Dropped: ADD, DIRCOMP, and TAKE1ST. DIRCOMP returns in 93/08 version.

Release 93/03:


Release 93/01:

First release posted on SIMTEL (Internet).

New: The DEMO System (shareware and not part of normal package).

Release 92/11:


Release BRUCE210.ZIP:

New: BFIND and CONFIGWS (called BGCONFIG then).

Release BRUCE208.ZIP:


Release BRUCE204.ZIP:

and TAKE1ST.

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