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FILE-MAN v4.25 r04/30/93 Micrometric : Menu driven disk file manager.

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FILE-MAN v4.25 r04/30/93 Micrometric :
Menu driven disk file manager utility;
single file/groups quickly marked, acted
upon; copy, move, spawn, append, erase,
rename, change attribute status, display,
print and locate; context sensitive help,
macro procedures, diskette labels, more++.

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FILE-MAN v4.25 r04/30/93 Micrometric : Menu driven disk file manager.
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FILE-MAN v4.25 r04/30/93 Micrometric :
Menu driven disk file manager utility;
single file/groups quickly marked, acted
upon; copy, move, spawn, append, erase,
rename, change attribute status, display,
print and locate; context sensitive help,
macro procedures, diskette labels, more++.
98 Dade Avenue Sarasota, FL 34232-1609 USA Tech Support (813) 377-2515
FAX (813) 377-2091 Support BBS (813) 371-2490 Order Line (800) 929-0184

Welcome to FILE-MAN, a utility program to assist
you in your PC disk FILE MANagement!

VERSION: v4.25 - replaces version 4.24, r07/31/92
RELEASE: r04/30/93

FILE-MAN v4.25 r04/30/93 Micrometric : FILE-MAN is a menu driven utility
program that aids in managing disk files. Directory and file names are display-
ed in sorted order with file names sorted by name, extension, date or size.
Single files or file groups may be quickly marked and then acted upon. The
actions include copy, move, spawn, append, erase, rename, change attribute
status, display, print and locate. Features include context sensitive help,
macro procedure execution, color display, directory tree, diskette labels and a
utility option that allows extensive program parameter customization.
FILE-MAN v4.25 r04/30/93 Micrometric :
Menu driven disk file manager utility;
single file/groups quickly marked, acted
upon; copy, move, spawn, append, erase,
rename, change attribute status, display,
print and locate; context sensitive help,
macro procedures, diskette labels, more++.
FILE-MAN v4.25: Menu driven file manager utility with extensive feature list.

IBM PC, XT, AT or true compatibles operating with PC/MS-DOS, version 2.0 or
later, although it works best with version 3.0 or later. It supports both NET-
BIOS networks and "huge" hard disk drives formatted for more than 32MB. The
program will determine what type of display monitor is available and adjust
itself accordingly. Memory requirements for the resident mode are about 8K for
the resident data segment and an additional 70K during execution.

* Thirteen Major Options with fifty-four Secondary Options.
* Single line menus with a moving selection highlight bar and user controllable
* Four methods for copying files: Copy, Move, Spawn and Append.
* No need to type file or directory names.
* The ability to store and run up to eighteen user entered macros.
* Context sensitive help for all actions: fifteen help sections with seventy-
four twenty line pages.
* A directory tree of each drive can be displayed with up to six levels of
* Four ways to sort the directory file name and extension display: Name, Exten-
sion, Date and Size.
* Support NETBIOS networks.
* Support "huge" hard disk drives formatted for more than 32MB and DOS 4.x.
* When copying to a floppy disk drive and a diskette becomes full, a prompt is
given to use another diskette.
* Macros may be run automatically.
* Wildcard specifications can be used for marking, locating and renaming files.
* Easily locate and mark a file or a group of files in all of the directories
on a drive.
* With the directory tree displayed Add, Erase and Rename subdirectories.
* Formatted display or printer output of the contents of any file.
* Formatted printer output of drive data, directory tree and directory listing.
* Diskette labels, with four size options, can be produced.
* The ability to change four of the attribute bits of any file or files: Read-
only, Hidden, System and Archive.
* Add or change the volume label on any drive or diskette.
* Automatic color display on systems equipped with a color monitor and user
selectable colors.
* The ability to change many of the program parameters including the printer
command characters either on a current execution basis or permanently.
* Display directory or change drive/directory quickly with a single command
line parameter.
* Written in Assembler code with direct screen memory output and direct sector
reading of directories for fast execution speed.
* Requires only 70K beyond the memory needed for DOS to execute.
* Database may be resident to decrease loading time. This resident portion
requires less than 9K.
* Support is included for a PC Mouse.
* Support extensions to directory names.
* Printed detailed manual of more than 120 pages available with registration.
* Tested with MS-DOS, version 6.0.
* Registered users may suppress the shareware reminder message display.


- Correct display problem with nine and ten digit numbers (>=100MB).
- Correct Critical Error Handler to exit when [ESCAPE] is pressed.
- Repackage with PKZIP, Version 2.

Program Registration - with manual and diskette - 3.5" or 5.25" . . . . . .$35.
Site/Network License - with manual and diskette - 3.5" or 5.25" . . . . . $175.
Latest Version Diskette only - 3.5" or 5.25". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10.
Upgrade for registered users only - Latest diskette + manual. . . . . . . .$15.
Shipping - US/Canada/Mexico . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5.
Shipping - outside of the US/Canada/Mexico. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10.

FILE-MAN is being distributed as SHAREWARE. The SHAREWARE concept allows users
to examine a program on a trial basis, at no (or minimal) charge, before pur-
chasing it. In addition, by decreasing marketing costs, professional quality
software may be distributed for a fraction of the cost of a comparable commer-
cial product. Regardless of whether you register the program, please help dis-
tribute FILE-MAN by sharing unmodified copies of it and its files with others
on a private non-commercial basis. Liability is limited to replacing the soft-
ware for registered users. There is no liability for any damage or loss caused
by this software, directly or indirectly.

You are hereby granted the right to use the FILE-MAN program for a thirty (30)
day evaluation period. If you find FILE-MAN of value, and continue to use it
after this evaluation period, YOU MUST REGISTER YOUR PROGRAM USE. Please see
the file, FILE-MAN.ORD, for registration information. After the thirty day
evaluation license period, if you decide not to register the program, PLEASE

1. To install the unregistered shareware version normally supplied on disk-
ette, copy the self extracting file "[email protected]" (vvv is the version) to
either a separate directory - such as "FM" - or a directory that is refer-
enced in the path statement. At the DOS prompt, change to this drive-direc-
tory, type "FILE@vvv" and press ENTER.
2. To install the unregistered shareware version downloaded from a BBS, unpack
the file "[email protected]" (vvv is the version) to either a separate directory
- such as "FM" - or a directory that is referenced in the path statement.
3. To install the registered version, refer to the FILE-MAN manual.
4. To run the program, change to the drive-directory on which it is located
(only if it isn't on a path referenced directory), type "FM" and press
5. To use a PC MOUSE from Mouse Systems (or any other compatible mouse), in-
stall FILE-MAN.MSC and all the program files that start with M-FILMAN.

4.25 04/30/93
4.24 07/31/92
- Changed registration file and repackaged.
4.23 03/01/92 - Require disk read for huge disk when data is resident.
- Change registration procedure.
4.22 08/01/91 - Updated HELP-MAN and INST-MAN.
- Directory release date/version retained when parameters updat-
4.21 05/24/91 - Change batch files for PATH-MAN change and smoother operation.
4.20 04/26/91 + Change installation procedure to INST-MAN.
+ Made shareware message display random.
+ Add program registration to suppress the shareware message.
+ Tested with MS-DOS version 5.0.
4.10 11/02/90 + Add highlight arrows to denote the current option menu.
+ Allow user control on intensity and blinking of highlights.
+ Add single key access to Change Directory from the Major
Options Menu.
+ Add MARK Individual toggle key that toggles marking the
highlighted file.
- Disk LABEL routine did not work properly in all cases and would
not display an error message when the disk label was not writ-
4.01 10/17/90 + Support DOS version 4. Although support for "huge" disk drives
had been add, it had not been checked out against MS-DOS 4.00.
- System would hang when some TSR's were executed when FILE-MAN
was running.
4.00 09/17/90 + Support NETBIOS networks. When network use is detected, all
disk I/O uses DOS rather that doing direct sector I/O.
+ Support "huge" disk drives formatted for more than 32MB.
+ Allow use of extensions with directory names.
- If a directory was add to the current drive outside of FILE-
MAN, the system would hang when FILE-MAN was executed.
- Correct cursor size on program exit.
3.21 04/20/89 - The changes made to correct problems with renaming files in
version 3.20 resulted in an erroneous error message being dis-
played when attempting to rename a file.
3.20 04/03/89 + Allow user definition of the printer command codes to enable
most printers to produce diskette labels.
+ Add a Rename dir DIR option.
+ Combine the utility functions into an initialization routine
that requires memory only when the program is loading.
+ Change data entry overwrite/push right toggle from
to to agree with most other utility programs.
+ Change Major options DIR and ATTR to DIR/DRIVE and ATTRIB.
+ Streamlined the installation procedure to allow upgrading FILE-
MAN versions easily without having to re-modify parameters or
re-enter macros. Substituted an abbreviated users guide for the
manual on the distribution disk. The manual is now available
with registration.
+ FM.BAT now accepts multiple option switches.
- The end of FAT was not detected properly for some diskettes.
This would result in diskettes being read slowly and in some
cases hang the system.
- The number of screen rows on some CGA's was detected improp-
erly. Now they should be forced to 25 rows.
- Inputting a number would force the digit '9' to '0'.
- would not work properly if the highlight was in the lower
- Rename without a period between the new file name and ext would
hang the system.
- If a copy to another drive was done and pressed after the
copy-to drive was specified, the wrong directory would then be
displayed in the LOWER WINDOW.
3.10 12/19/88 + During Major Option selection, if either of the shift keys are
depressed when the option is selected, with a letter key or
, the first secondary option will also be selected.
- FILE-MAN would not work with DOS versions prior to DOS 3.0.
This problem was introduced in release 3.00 of FILE-MAN.
- If the first character of a file was a tab, it was not be dis-
played properly.
- If, while changing directory, the highlight was moved, an error
occurred and was displayed, and was pressed to exit from
the error display, the directory displayed and the path-in
would not match.
- On some EGA's the HELP mode display would not handle
scrolling properly.
3.02 08/17/88 - Quit label PRINT exited from the program.
- Some systems would lock up waiting for the first character from
the keyboard when getting a data string.
- Actions that require marked files would not show a error if
there were no marked files.
- Correct slight display problem with the Restore defaults UTILi-
ty option.
- Change the Ind MARK LOWER WINDOW highlight and use arrows to
denote the current file.
- Change the monochrome display defaults for select and prompt.
3.00 07/25/88 + Change the program name from SUPERDIR to FILE-MAN after discov-
ering another SHAREWARE program with the same name.
+ Change distribution packaging and the method of printing the
manual to decrease the diskette storage required.
+ Change distribution packaging to supply FILE-MAN.COM and FILE-
MAN.HLP in unpacked form.
+ After a major option is selected, the non-selected options are
now blanked.
+ The last display line is cleared when exiting.
+ The diskette label options were combined to give four sizes. If
more than one label per diskette would be required, file names
are printed at 12 lpi instead of 8 lpi. Also, the label size
currently set is shown with the label secondary options.
+ A Date MARK secondary option was add to allow marking of files
by date criteria.
+ Directory tree displays now also show the totals for the direc-
tory and all of its subdirectories.
+ Directory displays suppress marked totals if no files are
+ Upon selection of the LOCATE major option, if the search spec
has not been defined, the program automatically selects the
"Change file spec" secondary option.
+ The directory tree file totals are now updated when a directory
is read to reflect file changes outside FILE-MAN.
- FILE-MAN /C gave the incorrect help screen.
- During Erase dir DIR if the directory highlight was moved, the
directory could not be erased, an error displayed and
pressed, the path and directory displayed in the LOWER WINDOW
would not match.
- RENAME without a period separating the name and extension would
hang the system.
- One inch long labels did not work.
- A directory tree with twenty-one lines would not scroll up.
- Directory files totals were modulo 256.
- When changing directory, if the highlight had been moved and
ESC pressed the path-in and directory would not agree. Now when
ESC is pressed, the directory is re-read.
- In Screen display-file PRINT if the highlight is at "Quit", the
LOWER WINDOW display would be in the selected color.
- At error end of LOCATE, pressing ESC would display the wrong
- If the root directory exceeded one cluster, in some cases a
divide overflow would occur.
- Mono monitor Color change wasn't permanent.
- The cursor size was incorrect in 43 line mode and with a mono
2.10 05/05/88 + Add command line option switch "/V" to allow changing both
drive and directory.
+ Swapped Macro UTILity secondary options "Edit macros" and "Re-
store macros" for ease of use.
- Invalid drive during Copy did not reset properly.
- Certain invalid key combinations would hang the system.
- Resident database was not properly updated at exit in some
2.00 04/11/88 + Major beta level enhancement release.
+ Add "LOCATE" major option.
+ Remove "HELP" major option and change to context sensitive help
using .
+ Add "Wildcard", "Read-only" and "Non-read-only" to the MARK
+ Add "Drive change", "Add dir(ectory)", "Remove dir(ectory)" and
"Volume label" to the "DIRectory" option.
+ Add "Move", "Spawn" and "Append" to the "COPY" option.
+ Add "Wildcard" to the "RENAME" option.
+ Change "ARCHIVE" to "ATTRibute" and add "Read-only", "Hidden"
and "Sys(tem)".
+ Change "TYPE" to "PRINT" and add "Directory/drive" and "Lab-
+ Add "Macros" and "Change parameters"to the "UTILity" option.
+ Add "Change to path-in directory and exit" to "QUIT" option.
+ Add a directory tree in place of having to enter the directory
path in Change directory and Copy-to directory.
+ Add full display of the current drive info.
+ Display a scale of how far through the file on displaying and
+ Add a macro capability with 18 user macros.
+ Allow the current drive database to be resident to decrease
program load time.
+ Add change directory, display directory program load switches.
+ Increased the execution speed by direct memory screen update
and directory data sector read.
1.04 09/01/87 * Initial public Shareware release of SUPERDIR.

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