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PC Filer file manager. List 2 dir side by side.
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PC Filer file manager. List 2 dir side by side.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
F.DEF 3950 961 deflated
F.MNU 1536 609 deflated
F404.DOC 30170 7552 deflated
F404.EXE 64996 18249 deflated
READ.ME 854 439 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

I included two files for those of you that have a microsoft mouse that
provides popup menu's to control the actions of F.EXE. The popup menus
are easy to understand. To use them, you must use the menu program that
comes with the microsoft mouse.

C>menu f.mnu

This loads the menu. Following this, execute F.EXE


At this point, the mouse should be active. Side to side motion controls
commnad line selection. Up and down movement of the mouse controls
scrolling within the window. Button 1 provides a popup menu. Button 2
marks files.

The two file included are:

F.MNU - To be used with the microsoft MENU program.
F.DEF - This is the source of the popup menu so that you can
change its operation. You will have to follow the
mouse documentation to accomplish this.

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