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Find file in any directory (select by date, attr, size) - MSC source, to.
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Find file in any directory (select by date, attr, size) – MSC source, to.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DOSTYPE.H 965 436 deflated
DTA.C 441 204 deflated
DTA.OBJ 415 335 deflated
FF.C 10153 2991 deflated
FF.DOC 8112 3310 deflated
FF.EXE 14394 8455 deflated
FF.OBJ 5375 3126 deflated
FINDENTR.C 1614 501 deflated
FINDENTR.OBJ 614 459 deflated
MAIN.H 1184 530 deflated
READ.ME 843 513 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

This archive contains the source and object file for FF.EXE, a utility
which searches a disk or subtree for files matching a filename.ext with
wildcards. Many options are supported, including specifying attributes
required or excluded, date and time range, and file size range. See
FF.DOC for details.

This program is written in Microsoft C, version 4.0, and compiled using
the small memory model.

Note that because of recursion, FF.EXE must be linked with a larger
stack size than normal. I have used

link ff+findentr+dta /stack:48000

Earlier versions with a stackof only 16000 were tested searching over 16
levels of directories. I have not experimented to find the lower limit.

Files are:

READ.ME (this file)

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