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FD is a DOS hard disk file manager. A list of available commands is
available by typing ? or ^H (CTRL and H simultaneously). Basically,
FD provides the means of manipulating files--delete, copy, move, change
attributes, etc--in a 'point and shoot' manner. Files can be tagged
(marked) for collective processing (any of the above commands) at one

FD recognizes only one command line option: H

If you use the option, FD will display and allow manipulation of
hidden files/directories. If you do not use H, FD will not display
or affect hidden files/directories.

FD is fairly well self-explanatory: type FD from the DOS prompt and
select the help screen by entering a question mark. The rest should
be simple. But, just in case, the commands available in FD are as

ESC - Exits program
cursor keys - moves the highlight bar in the direction of the arrow
key pressed.
HOME - moves the highlight bar to the top left filename of
the display
END - moves the highlight bar to the last filename in the
PAGE DOWN - displays the second page of filenames IF there are
more than 90 files/directories in the display
PAGE UP - displays the first page of filenames IF there are
more than 90 files/directories in the display
? - displays a list of commands (help)
D - (DOWN) change directories to the directory under the
highlight bar
P - (PARENT) change directories to the parent directory.
same as DOS command CD ..
O - change directories to the original directory. The
name of the origin directory displays at the top right
of the screen (line one).
N - NEW ORIGIN. makes the current directory the origin
L - LIST all directories. You can then select to change
directories to one in the list.
K - maKe a directory/subdirectory in the current directory
S - screen refresh. after erasing or moving several files,
S will clear the screen and redisplay the current
* - change the current filespec being used to search for
files. A list of available filespecs will display.
0-8 are fixed; 9 can be changed by the user during
operation of FD without affecting the start-up mask
^Q - change the available list of masks. changes ARE saved
to the disk FD.EXE file: you must be in the directory
where FD resides. (I know, ^Q isn't mnemonic) If you
have changed mask #9 (during *), the new value for #9
will also be saved to disk!
^X - change the exit directory. By default, FD exits to the
origin directory (start-up directory). This setting is
saved to disk and will affect FD until changed again. If
changed, FD will thereafter exit to the current directory.
The current directory is displayed on line one starting in
column one. To save this change, you must be in the
directory where FD resides.

The following commands ONLY affect the file under the highlight bar:

C - copy this file to another directory/drive. FD will
prompt for the destination drive/directory. The name
of the file cannot be changed during copy.
M - Move this file to another directory. FD will prompt
for the destination directory. The name of the file
cannot be changed during move. The destination must
be on the same disk/drive.
E - Erase this file or erase this directory. If you
select to erase a directory that contains files, FD
will change to that directory and display the files.
R - rename this file/directory
A - change the attributes of the current file. FD will
only allow changes to the SYSTEM, HIDDEN, READ ONLY,
ARCHIVE attributes

T or + - tag the file under the hightlight bar. when a file
is tagged, an arrow will display pointing to the name
of the tagged file.
U or - - untag the file under the highlight bar. of course, this
will only affect a file already tagged.

Tagged files allow applying a command to several files at once. If you
want to erase several files having different names, you could tag them
and then erase all at once. The following commands can be used on tagged
files (^ before a command means to enter the command while holding down
the CTRL key):

^T - tags all files
^U - untags all files
^E - erases all tagged files
^M - moves all tagged files
^C - copies all tagged files
^A - changes the attributes of all tagged files to a specified
^B - tags all files that have the archive bit turned on (for
subsequent copying by ^C)

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