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Output of file : READ-ME.1ST contained in archive : EZMENU37.ZIP
This is the SHAREWARE release of EZ-MENU. Please note that this product is
distributed under the Shareware/Userware concept. You are free to evaluate
EZ-MENU for a period not to exceed 30 days. If you continue to use the
software after this period, you are obligated to register yourself as a
user, or remove the software from any PC's it is installed on.

In this file you will find installation instructions as well as information
on additional features added most recently that are not reflected in the

See the ASCII file CATALOG.DOC in this package, for a complete listing of all
PCS products!

If you have received this package in ARCHIVED form (ZIP/LZH/ARC etc.), you
should un-archive the original single file to a floppy disk and follow the
installation instructions below.

Thanks for reviewing EZ-MENU! We're sure you will find this system to be
one of the most valuable and powerful utilities you own. Please note that
PCS has special corporate quantity discounts, site licenses and dealer
prices available. Contact PCS for more information at:
P.O. Box 7638, Metairie, LA 70010, 504-831-9717 or 504-834-2160 FAX

PLEASE NOTE: That upon registration/purchase of EZ-Menu, you are granted
a license to use ONE copy of the software on ONE machine. Contact PCS or
your local EZ-Menu dealer for information on purchasing additional copies
for other PCs.

For Additional Information, Consult the following files:

WHATSNEW.DOC A list of the latest features in EZ-Menu \ contained in
EZ5.DOC Technical specifications on EZ-Menu 5.1 / the archive:
READ-ME.1ST This file ezpak.exe

There should be a file included with EZ-Menu called INSTALL.EXE.

If you are using an older version of EZ-MENU, the INSTALL program will
recognize it and offer you the option of keeping your old menu structures.
If the previous version was not installed in the \EZMENU subdirectory,
INSTALL will not recognize it, BUT you can keep your old menu files by
copying the old menus into the \EZMENU subdirectory after installation is
complete. For example, if the old version of EZ-MENU was in your root
directory, after the new program is installed, type the following command
at the DOS prompt: COPY \*.MNU \EZMENU

If your previous version of EZ-MENU was earlier than 3.5 (which includes
version 3e), you will need to CONVERT the old menus to work with the new
version of EZ-MENU. There should be a file called EZCONV.EXE on disk which
can be run to convert the files. To convert older menu files, go into the
\EZMENU directory (after the old files have been copied there) and type
EZCONV AUTO at the DOS prompt. If this file isn't on your disk, you can
download it from our BBS at (504) 835-0085. Of course, the new version
of EZ-MENU can automatically build menus based on what it finds on your
hard disk - so you might not want to keep your old menus anyway, but
you do have the option.


3. Follow all instructions by installation program


After installing EZ-Menu, you will find a file called WHATSNEW.DOC.
This file contains a detailed listing of new features.


Also available are special LAN versions of EZ-MENU, designed to run
centrally-located on your file server and shareable by all users.
Currently, PCS is shipping EZ-MENU LAN STANDARD, which for a limited
time is being sold on a per-server basis (with no limitation on the
number of users). This product retails for $399.00 per server. Contact
PCS for the latest prices and features. Also scheduled for release in
the near future is the EZ-MENU LAN ENHANCED version which will have
extended features and special support for networks. All LAN versions
support most popular network software including Novell (286/386),
Invisible, Lantastic, Banyan, 3Com, DEC, PC-MOS, and more!

Once again, thanks very much for your patronage. I sincerely hope you enjoy
the software, and please let me know if you have any comments or criticisms.
In any case, please write and let me know what you think...

Mike Perry


If you are outside of the United States, the best payment method is via
MASTERCARD or VISA for registration. We will also bill you for appropriate
shipping, generally via Airmail, or if it is more cost-effective, UPS or
Federal Express. If you would like specific shipping information and
charges, FAX us information on your address and we will FAX you information
on the shipping charges. We will NOT inflate shipping costs. If you
provide a Federal Express account number, we can ship the product back to
you in the manner desired.

Those with access to France's MINITEL system can download the latest
commercial (fully-registered) version of the software online. This product
is found on MINITEL system #36290099. The latest Shareware version can
also be found on MINITEL system #3616.

For additional information/ordering, contact:

P.O. Box 7638
Metairie, LA 70010-7638
(504) 831-9717
(800) 628-1131 (Credit card orders only / MC or VISA)
(504) 834-2160 (FAX)
(504) 835-0085 (BBS 300-14400bps HST)

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Archive   : EZMENU37.ZIP
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