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EZ-MENU Shareware Release 3.7 - By Michael Perry Registration: $ 35.00
FILES: ezmenu37.sdn

Author: Michael Perry, Progressive Computer Services, Inc.

EZ-MENU is the Ultimate Computer Organizer, and much more than
a basic menu system and application launcher. EZ-MENU allows
you to organize all of your applications in a series of menus
that can be instantly launched with a single key or mouse click.
EZ-MENU is designed for people who hate to read manuals, and
includes numerous features, built-in help and painless,
automatic installation.

Beyond the basic features, EZ-MENU includes a virtual plethora
of advanced capabilities including:

* automatic menu building and scanning of your hard drive (recognizing
over 1000 applications!)
* usage tracking and activity reporting (EZ-MENU can even tell if
the PC was turned off or rebooted from an application)
* full mouse support, NOT memory resident up to 26 items per menu,
with a virtually unlimited number of menus & nested submenus
* built-in menu of DOS commands (new release also covers DOS 5 & 6
and many manufacturer-specific utilities)
* Reset-re-execution: the ability to automatically restart any program
that was interrupted by a power outage, reboot, or unauthorized
termination (great for BBSes, FAX systems and more)
* Timed-Execution: the ability to automate the execution of any
application on your PC: daily, weekly, monthly, annually or on
an exact date
* configurable menu display formats, date/time formats, colors, titles
and more
* 4-level encrypted password security: any individual menu item or
group of menu items can be password-proected; access to DOS and
modification of the menu system can also be restricted
* EZ-MENU is the perfect front end to Windows, allowing you to launch
Windows(tm) apps faster and DOS apps with NO loss in memory or
performance; also runs under Windows as well
* many, many other features too numerous to list!

EZ-MENU has received many honors and awards including EDITOR'S CHOICE
in PC Magazine, "Best Product" in PC HOME JOURNAL, "Publisher's Pick"
Inside Track Column, "I now use EZ-MENU full-time on my PC. It saves
too much time for me to ignore and its ease of use and installation
are to be applauded."

Registered user will automatically receive the latest commercial version
free via US mail or UPS, which contains even more features and
enhancements (and does not have our 'title page'). There are two levels
of registration: the 'basic' level ($35) where we send you the latest
and greatest version on disk (with DOCs on disk) or for $50 we send you
via UPS the complete shrink-wrapped package with professionally-printed
manuals. This enclosed Shareware
version if fully-functional, and does have a title page that pops-up
(but there is no 'timer' or anything similar - a single keypress at any
time removes the title screen (or 30 secs of inactivity). A few non-
essential features are unavailable in this Shareware version (i.e. you
cannot modify the message at the bottom of the screen) Special LAN
versions are also available. There is also a self-running slideshow
demo available from our BBS under EZDEMO.ZIP on 1:396/21.

Support for EZ-MENU is available via Fidonet at 1:396/21, our BBS at
(605) 835-0085, Compuserve at 71127,2105, AOL: NAWLINS1, INN:Box 80907;
Unison: MIKEP; Internet: [email protected]; PAN: MIKEPERRY
FAX: (504) 834-2160;

Progressive Computer Services, Inc.
PO Box 7638
Metairie, LA 70010

Hardware Requirements : IBM PC, PC-compatible or MS-DOS computer with at
least 256K free RAM, any monitor type

Supports : DOS, WINDOWS (icon included), OS/2 (in DOS box),
All DOS-based networks (including Pathworks, Novell,
Lantastic, Invisible, MSLM, etc.)
microsoft-compatible mouse (not required though)

Other Requirements : DOS 2.x or higher.

.SDA Format is (c)Copyright 1993 The SDN Project
SDN Authors-Only Info Line is 203-634-0370 USA

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Archive   : EZMENU37.ZIP
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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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