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EPLUS File Finder ver 2.0. Quickly searches for files.

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EPFF - EPLUS File FInder v2.0 - Very Good!!!

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EPLUS File Finder ver 2.0. Quickly searches for files.
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EPFF (C) Copyright Barry G. Davis, Sr., 1993 - ALL RIGHTS RESSERVED

What is it about you say?

EPFF is a file finder utility like FFF. And can be used to find
all files on a drive matching a particular filespec.
Wildcard file specifications are fully supported.

EPFF is very helpful when you may have 'lost' a file, or
when you'd like to determine whether you may have files with
duplicate names scattered across your disk.

The output of EPFF can be redirected to a device or printer
(e.g. LPT1: or fname.ext)

Execution can be terminated at any time by hitting the Esc
(Escape) key, Ctrl-Break, or Ctrl-C.


EPFF [d:] [filespec] [switches]

[d:] is the drive to search; if this is not
specified, the default drive is used

[filespec] is optional; if omitted, *.* is used


/W Wide format

if /W is specified, file sizes and dates are omitted,
and only the file names are listed in a 5 file per
line format.

/O Omit directories

This can be especially useful when using a filespec of
*. or *.* . It produces a more compact listing when
you are interested only in files, and not
subdirectories, which happen to match the filespec.

/P Pause Mode

Pauses and prompts for a keypress after each page
of output.

Whether or not the /P option is specified EPFF
output can be interrupted at any time by pressing any

/H Help

Produces a screen explaining EPFF syntax


EPFF is provided for personal use, and for distribution through
electronic bulletin boards and shareware distribution channels.

Enquiries regarding commercial use of EPFF should be
directed to:
B. G. Davis, Sr.
P. O. Box 1651
Glen Burnie, MD 21060-1651 USA

This program is provided on an as-is basis. The author disclaims
any warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited
to implied warranties of fitness for any particular purpose.

For any comments or support, call AMVETSNET BBS @ (410) 761-3406
v.32bis - 24 hours - gigs of files

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