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EDIR is a full screen directory editor.
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EDIR is a full screen directory editor.
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Contents of the EDIR1301.DOC file


EDIR is a full screen directory editor that allows you to edit
MS-DOS directories. It is based on the concept of user supported
software which is an attempt to provide software at a low cost to
the end user.

Version 1 is provided to you free of cost and may be copied and
shared freely, provided that it is distributed ONLY in its
original unmodified form and no fee is charged for such

Version 2 and later releases cannot be distributed. You can use
these versions on a single machine and copy them for backup
purposes only.

The latest and full-featured version of EDIR can be obtained by
sending a nominal contribution of $20 to Rose Development. Please
use the order form on the next page for this purpose. Registered
users will be informed about future releases and can get updates
at a nominal charge.

This document should be accompanied by the following files:

EDIR1301.EXE - EDIR version 1.301 program
EDIR301.DOC - User's manual for EDIR version 3.01
EL25.COM - EGA utility (switch to 25 line mode)
EL43.COM - EGA utility (switch to 43 line mode)

EDIR301.DOC is intended to be used as the user's manual for
EDIR1301.EXE with the following exceptions:

1. Replace all references to EDIR301 with EDIR1301.
2. Version 1.301 provides the following functions for demo
purposes only. If you use them during an EDIR session, you
will not be able to store your edited directory back to the

Mark, Organize, Sort, Trim, Edit, /DOS

The functions that are usable without the above restriction
have been underlined on the main menu.

Hope you will find EDIR to be a useful utility. We welcome your
suggestions to improve its capabilities.



Qty. Description Unit Price Extended Price
---- ----------- ---------- --------------

____ EDIR $20.00 ______________

IL residents add 7% sales tax ______________

Total ______________

Please print clearly:

Name ____________________________________________________________

Company _________________________________________________________

Street Address __________________________________________________

City/State _________________________________ Zip ________________

Home Phone Number ( )-__________-__________________________

Bus. Phone Number ( )-__________-__________________________

Where will you be using this product? ____ Home, ____ Work

Where did you hear about EDIR ___________________________________


We would appreciate your response to the following questions.

Your computer (make/model) ______________________________________

Number of drives and type _______________________________________

Display adapter and monitor _____________________________________

Printer _________________________________________________________

Other peripherals _______________________________________________

We welcome your comments and suggestions about EDIR (please use
other side if necessary):




Please mail this order form and your check to:

Rose Development, P.O. Box 1906, Palatine, IL 60078.

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