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Graphic display of space taken by subdirs.
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Graphic display of space taken by subdirs.
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DSPACE - Directory Space Allocation Version 1.2 05-May-87

DSPACE is a program that prints a graph showing how much space each directory
on your hard disk uses. To run DSPACE, simply change to the drive you wish to
check and enter DSPACE. (note that DSPACE must be accessable through your
path, or you must specify where to run it from). You may also redirect DSPACE's
output to a file or the printer.

You can also instruct DSPACE to look at a particular drive/subdirectory. You
do this by specifying the drive/subdirectory to use after the DSPACE command.

Some examples of DSPACE commands:

DSPACE Give graph for whole current disk
DSPACE D: >PRN Give graph for whole drive D on printer
DSPACE \DATA Give graph for \DATA and it's subdirs
DSPACE D:\WORK Give graph for D:\WORK and it's subdirs

DSPACE draws a 'stacked' bar graph, showing both the actual size of the files
in the directory, and the actual space taken up due to cluster allocation.
The dark gray bars () show the actual file sizes, and the light gray
bars () show the slack.

DSPACE is shareware. If you like and use DSPACE, a contribution would be
appreciated. You may send whatever you think it is worth, although a $5
donation or a disk of your favorite public domain software is suggested.
Comments, suggestions, and criticisms are always welcome. I may be contacted

Bob Lafleur
45 Ionia Street
Springfield, MA 01109-2519

CompuServe: 75146,3122

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