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Summarizes directory sizes.
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Summarizes directory sizes.
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DSIZE makes it easy to determine how much space is used by various kinds of
files on a disk drive and where those files are located. It is offered as
"freeware" with no charge or warranty.


DSIZE [path][1st filespec] [2nd filespec] ... [last filespec] [options]

/n is a number specifying the subdirectory depth for printout.
Subdirectories below that are searched and results are summed into
those of the nth level parent.
/A specifies search for files with Archive bit set (need to be archived).
/. search only for directory names without extensions; this speeds the search.
/V Visible files only (no hidden or system attributes)
/? Help

For example,

DSIZE \ shows totals for all files in each directory
of the default drive

DSIZE \*.BAK *.TMP limits the results to files matching *.BAK or *.TMP

The output from the above two commands includes one line for each directory
on the disk.

DSIZE \*.BAK /1 lists only first level directories, but each line
represents totals for that directory and all
directories below it (indicated by '+' following
the directory name).

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