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Directory Manager Ver. 2.5.2.
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Directory Manager Ver. 2.5.2.
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Contents of the DM-NOTES.TXT file

DM Latest Release Notes

DM Version 2.2

This file is going to contain a list of ongoing changes to DM.

First release of version 2.2. This version uses direct video I/O in
some areas and updates the screen several times faster than older
versions. Several minor improvements to the VIEW command including
the ability to view READ-ONLY files.

The direct video I/O is a major change. If there are and new bugs,
please let me know.

DM Version 2.3

More direct video I/O. Full screen HELP menus.

Fixed minor bugs and made minor improvements.

Added feature to copy or move files to a new name.

Added feature to Read/Set disk volume label.
Added feature to show number of subdirectories available
in current subdirectory.

Added BATCH EXECUTE MARKED FILES feature. Allows ARCing of
all marked files.

DM Version 2.4
Added batch execute with F4 key. Allow Save and Load of AUTORUN
commands. See F8 menu.

Added feature to automatically load Programmable and AutoRun commands
upon entrance to any directory with a file named DM.OVL. What you
do is edit you commands and save them (F8 option 5) under the
name DM.OVL. Upon entering a directory, if DM finds DM.OVL, it is
automatically loaded. Help screens are updated to reflect the new commands.

Clean up internally. Discovered -K compiler directive that shaved 5k
off DM. Eliminated attribute toggle.

Added optional VEIW external command. If you don't like DM's internal
VIEW you can configure to run you favorite view or edit program.
Also DM.OVL default can be changed to a new name.

Fixed miscelanous bugs including a rare one that causes DM to lock
up when executing an external program.

Minor Changes. Eliminate 'GRAB2' files that was left in by accident
from testing a new procedure.

DM Version 2.5
Even though I've been working on DM3, I've come out with a new release
of the version 2 series. This is so that I can make a version that can
be distributed by computer manufacturers. In the process, I've included
some of the features that you will see in DM3.

Fixed bug in selecting colors. Added {S} to programmable key commands to
not restore the subdirectory when returning to DM. This allows DM to run
Norton Change Directories. When updating DM.COM, you no longer have to be
in the same subdirectory as DM.COM. DM will update itself from the directory
it came from. Do to some new advanced ways of doing things, DM requires
dos 3.0 or greater. The @ to cause a pause on programmable function keys
has been replaces with {A}.

The functions of the A and T keys kave been switched. The T (time) changes
the DATE and A changes the ATTRIBUTES. ALT-A changes attributes on marked
files. It seemed more logical to do this and since the A and T commands
aren't used that much, if figured that we all could get used to the change.

The plus key + can be used to reverse a mark on a file.

I've eliminated the change volume label command. It had problems on some

This version has an E command for EDIT. To use it, program DM to run your
favorite editor. Look under extra functions menu.

DM is no longer $60. It comes in a package with several other programs and
sells for $39.95 US. I've eliminated the pyrimid because very few were
profiting from the idea. I've been told that $60 is overpriced. Those who
paid $60 will get a copy of DM3 when it comes out. The new package includes
DOLIST which I'm sure you'll like very much.

The long awaited manual will be shipped in late July. If you are registered
and don't get it by August 15th. Let me know.

New HELP screen. Separated the programmable function keys from help and
made a new function key help that you get to by pressing the TAB key.

DM now has 30 programmable keys instead of 20. The shift function keys
are now programmable.

Fixed help screens. Fixed old move bug allowing move to work faster.


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