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Display root dir in color --- NICE.
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Display root dir in color — NICE.
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Contents of the D.DOC file

Date: November 10, 1987

Program: D.COM (version 2.1)

Author: Jeffrey S. Morley - Sysop, The Interconnect BBS

Purpose: This program will display a listing of your top (root)
level directories very quickly. It will NOT give you
a full directory tree or do any sorting of entries.
I find this a useful little tool to give me a quick
reference to the directories that I have on my drives.

Paramiters: Hardly any... You can add a /P on the command line to
have D.COM pause when done. This is handy if you wish
to run D.COM from a menu program.

Disclaimers: This program was written with several ASM calls to the
operating system, and may not work on all compatibles.
It does NO disk writing however, and when used under the
supervision of an adult, will not harm you or your PC.

Your rights: You may use and distribute this program absoulutly free

My rights: Guess I have given just about all of mine up! However,
I do reserve the right to call you a liar if you claim
to have written this program...

Kudos: This program was written with QuickBasic 4.0, helped along
big time by Tom Hanlin's fabulous Advanced Basic Routines.

Advertising: Feel free to call The Interconnect BBS at (703)827-5762.
This PCBoard system is up from 5:00pm until 8:30am weekdays,
and 24 hours on weekends.

Revisions 1.0 - First time out on the boards. Seems to work ok.

2.0 - Added some extra bells and whistles. Had problems
with Tom Hanlin's GETLIMM routine on some clones.
eliminated this routine from the code, and the
program ran ok. Appeared to be a BIOS problem.

2.1 - Some more minor bell and whistle tinkering. Now
recognizes VGA/EGA/EGA/MONO adapters, and amount of
video memory if any. Also changed the appearance of
the key status indicators to make it more readable.

Now returning the amount of both Base and Free RAM
memory. D.COM takes about 53k of RAM itself, and
this has been added back into the figure. The FREE
amount that is returned is without D.COM.

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