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Morley's brief root directory and system file lister.
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Morley’s brief root directory and system file lister.
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Contents of the D.DOC file

Program: D.COM (version 5.4) 10 Dec 1989

Author: Jeffrey S. Morley - Sysop, The Interconnect BBS

Purpose: This program will display a listing of your top (root)
level directories very quickly. It will NOT give you
a full directory tree but will display sorted by name.
I find this a useful little tool to give me a quick
reference to the directories that I have on my drives.

The program will display normal directories in white.
Empty directories will be in cyan, and your current
directory location will be preceeded by an arrow.

Parameters: Hardly any... You can add a /P on the command line to
have D.COM pause when done. This is handy if you wish
to run D.COM from a menu program. You may also add a
/? or /H to get a short help screen.

Disclaimers: This program was written with several ASM calls to the
operating system, and may not work on all compatibles.
It does NO disk writing however, and will not harm files.

D.Com writes directly to the screen, and therefore may
not be used via remote (modem) connection.

Your rights: You may use and distribute this program absoulutly free
of any charge.

Kudos: This program was written with QuickBasic 4.5, helped along
big time by Hammerly's fabulous Probas 3.0 Routines.

Revisions: 5.0 - Added test for Extended and Expanded memory. D.Com
will recognize whether you have EMS or EMM expanded
memory, and will report the total and free amounts.

Added testing for presence of mouse driver and game

Now detects a math co-processor, and the type.

Completely re-worked the method used to determine if
you are running under 4DOS. It will now be properly
detected at all times, even if you are not on
the "boot" drive.

Reworked the default colors, which can be patched by
the user by with Norton Utilites "NU" to edit a patch
area. If you are not familiar with NU, you should
probably not attempt to change the colors. I will be
adding a configuration option in the next major version.

D.Com used to display video page 1 while writing to page
0, which it then reversed when done. This process could
cause D.Com to behave strangely when run directly after
certain graphic programs. The program now properly
writes to video page 1, which is then copied over to
active page 0 to produce the pop-on effect.

5.1 - Minor addition to properly report if you are running
in a DOS compatiblity window under OS2. Thanks to
John Dixon of TeleNet for being on the bleeding edge...
Before you ask, a version to run in an OS2 window under
OS2 might be a while yet. I use a lot of calls that
talk directly to the hardware, and this is a "no-no"
in the OS2 world. These calls will have to be changed
to use only BIOS or DOS interrupt service calls.

5.2 - Found a bug in reporting total hard drive space when
total sectors was a very large number (90+ meg hard
drive under MS DOS 4.01). Also a small cosmetic fix
when OS/2 is detected.

5.3 - Just added a small routine that more accurately figures
the free RAM, automatically excluding the D.COM program
itself. Also added the volume label to the report at the end.

5.4 - Extended memory displayed is what is currently available
in the system, and not the total as previously listed.

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