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Extended Directory Listing, directory delete utility, and a drive delete utility.
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Extended Directory Listing, directory delete utility, and a drive delete utility.
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Contents of the DJCUTILS.DOC file

A. These two programs are provided to permit clearing files
and directories from diskettes, removable media drives, and
fixed disk partitions.

B. Both programs will display a help screen is the program is
executed without any parameters. (e.g. ZAP)

C. The first program ZAP.EXE is designed to remove all files
and directories in the directory specified and below. It
allows a preview and verbose display modes, however either
of these options causes it to run slowly.

I:\ZAP.EXE Copyright (c) 1993 David J. Craig. All rights reserved.
ZAP [/p] [/v] [ ...]
/p = Do not actually delete any files (preview)
/v = Display file names as deleted (verbose)

If preview and verbose are not specified, then an
Extended File Control Block (FCB) delete will be used,
deleting any normal, system, hidden, and read only files.

D. The second program SZAP.EXE is designed to clear all files and
directories from a drive. You must specify the root directory
of the drive on the command line as a safety measure. You are
also prompted before any changes are made to the drive being

I:\SZAP.EXE Copyright (c) 1993 David J. Craig. All rights reserved.
Super ZAP [ ...]
This deletes all files and directories on the drives specified.
Only the Volume Label is preserved.

E. Both programs permit multiple items to be specified on the
command line. Each is processed as if separate executions
of the program were used.

F. These programs are Copyright (c) 1993 by David J. Craig. These
programs are designed to destroy data and have been only tested
under limited circumstances. SZAP.EXE does not check for earlier
DOS versions, but will not work properly below version 3.31.


The Author specifically disclaims all other warranties,
expressed or implied, including but not limited to, implied
warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular
purpose with respect to defects in the diskette and documenta-
tion, and the program license granted herein. In particular,
and without limiting operation of the program license with
respect to any particular application, use, or purpose, in no
event shall the Author be liable for any loss of profit or any
other commercial damage, including but not limited to special,
incidental, consequential or other damages. Your use of this
program constitutes acceptance of these terms.

G. The programs are provided as shareware. If you like them and
want to make me a little less poor, please send $10.00 to:

David J. Craig
5783 South 4050 West
Roy, Utah 84067-9165
CompuServe ID: 73313,1610

For a $15.00 contribution the latest version will be sent on
either 5 1/4" 360kb media or 3 1/2" 720kb media. A $30.00
contribution will get you source code. Both programs are written
in Microsoft Visual C++ 1.00. I prefer assembler, but 'C' is the
quickest in developing anything more complicated than a 50 byte

H. I like a teaser, so here is a deal to see if anyone but me ever
pays for shareware. This does not apply to anyone who has worked
with me since 1987. If anyone registering for the $15.00 latest
version offer, can provide specific information on my only
published work, I will provide the source code at no additional
charge. Of course, this does not apply to anyone associated
with the publisher.

I. The third utility, EDIR.COM is an Enhanced Directory utility
which shows all files and directories in a format similar to
that of the DOS 'dir' command. It includes a display of the
attributes of each file or directory. The last field contained
within backets is the starting cluster number of that file or
directory in hexadecimal. The source code is written in
Microsoft MASM 6.11 and is available as specified above for the
two 'C' programs.

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