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Displays a report of space used and left on all disks.

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DISKLEFT v2.5, fast disk profile of all
drives on a single screen, correct to the
byte. Smart about many drive types: fixed,
network, floppy (including DRIVER), RAM,
substituted, unavailable, and unconfigured
drives. New options for monochrome and color
configuration. Free product of FunStuff(tm)
Software, Paul Munoz-Colman, makers of
Personal Calendar(tm).

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Displays a report of space used and left on all disks.
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Contents of the DISKLEFT.DOC file

DISKLEFT Version 2.5
24 Nov 1992

DiskLeft, a Single-Screen Smart Disk Space Summary.
A Free Product from the Makers of Personal Calendar(tm).

FunStuff Software Voice 703-435-1110
11645 Charter Oak Court 703-693-5227
Suite 201 FAX 703-435-3130
Reston, VA 22090-4526 USA CompuServe 71141,1224

Purpose: DISKLEFT is a program to quickly display a profile of all logical
~~~~~~~ drives of your hard disks, correct to the byte.

Operation: At the DOS prompt, type:
DISKLEFT for hard drives and network drives only
DISKLEFT /floppy to additionally show drives A: and B:
DISKLEFT /mono for forced monochrome display (for laptops)

Output: The display from DISKLEFT is shown below:

Disk Space Summary, Version 2.5 (in millions of bytes)
Copyright 1990-1992 by FunStuff Software. All rights reserved.

Capacity Available Used Capacity Available Used

N 105.906176 50.319360 55.586816
O (not configured)
C 105.906176 63.727616 42.178560 P (not configured)
D 84.938752 18.694144 66.244608 Q (not configured)
E 105.906176 50.319360 55.586816 R (not configured)
F 83.908608 28.219392 55.689216 S (not configured)
G 83.908608 31.954944 51.953664 T (not configured)
H 83.394560 6.883328 76.511232 U (not configured)
I 6.807552 6.154240 0.653312 V (not configured)
J (not configured) W (not configured)
K (not configured) X (not configured)
L (not configured) Y (not configured)
M (not configured) Z (not configured)

547.962880 199.798784 348.164096 Total Fixed Drives
105.906176 50.319360 55.586816 Total Network Drives
653.869056 250.118144 403.750912 Grand Total Fixed & Network Drives

(To include drives A: and B: type DISKLEFT /FLOPPY)

Color Configuration File DISKLEFT.CFG
Colors are preconfigured, but may be changed to suit your taste in a
configuration file, called DISKLEFT.CFG. This file must reside in the
directory in which you install DISKLEFT.EXE (if running under DOS 3 or later),
or in the current directory (under DOS 2).

DISKLEFT.CFG is created if it is not found. DISKLEFT.CFG contains
instructions to modify the default color set.

This is the contents of the default file:


This is DISKLEFT's color configuration file. Only the first
two lines above are meaningful to the program. You may change
the values in them, using your favorite ASCII editor. Follow
the instructions below. The values represent:

On line 1:
SETCOLOR or SETMONO (if you want to force monochrome)

On line 2 (separated by commas, in the order listed):
Common background color
Fixed data areas
SUBSTituted/ASSIGNed Drives
Fixed drives
Network drives
Unavailable drives
Floppy drives
RAM drive
Grand total (shown only if you have network drives)

The numbers on line 2 are color values and mean this:

0 Black 8 Grey
1 Blue 9 Light Blue
2 Green 10 Light Green
3 Cyan 11 Light Cyan
4 Red 12 Light Red
5 Magenta 13 Light Magenta
6 Brown 14 Yellow
7 White 15 Bright White

The only restriction imposed is the common background color
cannot be the same as any of the other colors. If this
occurs, the default colors will be set.

NOTE: If you use the SETMONO option to force monochrome (or the /MONO command
line option), your color choices will be ignored.


DISKLEFT is Copyright 1990-1992 Paul Muoz-Colman, a free product of
FunStuff(tm) Software.

DISKLEFT is not shareware; it cannot be registered. DISKLEFT may be
distributed to anyone, providing that no fee is charged, except a nominal
distribution fee by for-pay BBSs or disk vendors.

DISKLEFT is provided without warranty of any kind; the author assumes no
liability for its use in any situation.


. 2.5 - Colored indicators added for:
Floppy drives: bright green
Network drives: bright blue
SUBST/ASSIGNed drives: dark blue
RAMdrives: white
Unavailable drives: red
Grand total: yellow
- Color configuration file.
- /MONO option for laptops to force monochrome.
- Separate totals for fixed & network drives, and grand total.
- Differentiates between drives which are unavailable and
not configured.
- Senses use of device DRIVER.SYS for alternate floppy drives.
- /? help option for syntax
- Many cosmetic improvements.
. 2.4 - Correct abort if program is started from a network drive.
. 2.2 - Corrected reversal of "X" and "Y" drive labels.
. 2.1 - Restore DOS environment colors upon program termination.
. 2.0 - First public release; cosmetic changes to the screen colors.
. 1.0 - Initial release.


By FunStuff Software, publishers of Personal Calendar, DiskLeft,
Subjects, ATOSEdit, and other quality software.


Copyright 1990-1992 by FunStuff Software. All rights reserved.

Member, Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP)


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