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DOS shell type disk/file manager.
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Category File Managers
DOS shell type disk/file manager.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DIS.EXE 78448 40594 deflated
DIS.HLP 18029 5690 deflated
DIS.MAN 42632 10714 deflated
DISCONFG.EXE 27116 14960 deflated
README 1462 699 deflated
REGFORM 688 144 deflated

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Contents of the README file

Welcome to DIS version 3.00!

We want to thank you for you interest in Dis. Many hours of
work went into the making of this program. We feel it is a
powerful utility for anyone who uses DOS with any regularity.

Please review the contents the file 'DIS.MAN'. It contains
helpful information on the operation of Dis.

This version is the third 'official 'release. It has far too
many improvements from the last version ( ver. 2.29 ) to go into
here. Dis is continually being upgraded and improved. We
regretfully have added an initial and final delay. This is to
promote Dis as shareware. If you regularly use this program - i.e.,
once a week or more - then you should register your copy. Registered
users will receive the newest version without either delays. Using
shareware without registering, is like test driving a car, and never
returning back to the dealership.

This archive contains :

DIS.EXE 78,448 /* Main Program */
DIS.HLP 18,029 /* External Help File */
DIS.MAN 42,632 /* Text Manual */
DISCONFG.EXE 27,116 /* Configuration Program */
README 1,351 /* This File */
REGFORM 688 /* Registration Form */

Once again thank you for using Dis.

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