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Execute a DOS command or run a program in any or all subdirectories.
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Execute a DOS command or run a program in any or all subdirectories.
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DIR_DO (c) 1989 David Smith (version 1.3)

The program DIR_DO.EXE is a shareware program.It is a very powerful and
potentially very dangerous program. It is powerful because you can use DIR_DO
to execute a command in every subdirectory on your hard disk. If the wrong
command is picked, DIR_DO is dangerous because the command you decide upon
will affect every directory on your hard disk.

DIR_DO will execute a dos command or run a program in every subdirectory. DIR_DO
will print out the directory path of every directory it visits as it traverses
the directories. After it completes DIR_DO will display the total number
directories it visited and the maximum directory depth.

This program may not work with NETWARE 2.00a or earlier versions.


DIR_DO will execute COMMAND in every subdirectory
beginning with the DIRECTORY directory.
Put COMMAND in "quotes" if it is more than one word.

DIR_DO "del *.bak" C: Deletes all .bak files on drive C:.

or DIR_DO DIR D: Lists every file on drive D:.

or DIR_DO "del *.*" C: Deletes everything on drive C:.

or DIR_DO "TS *.* HELP" Use NORTON TEXT SEARCH to search
every directory for "HELP"

or DIR_DO " " D:\ List all directories on drive D:

Be careful.

David Smith
939 5th Street N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20002

The monetary request for my effort is $5.00 if you use this program.

If you send in $10.00 you will receive the Microsoft C source
code for DIR_DO.


Ver 1.0 6/20/1989 Initial version of DIR_DO
Ver 1.1 7/10/1989 Fixed bugs and cleaned up the code.
Ver 1.2 7/15/1989 Added ability to work on another drive and return to
the original drive.
Ver 1.3 7/16/1989 DIR_DO now traverses hidden system directories.

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