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DIRSORT version 2.0 by Keith Bailey

Purpose: DIRSORT alphabetizes the files on a MS-DOS disk. It writes
the directory back onto the disk in alphabetical order. It
works on the default directory of the specified or default
drive. Any type of standard MS-DOS disk may be used,
including hard disks, but the program must be run using
DOS 2.xx.

Format: [d:]DIRSORT2 [d:] where [d:] indicates an optional
drive specification

No longer will you need to repeatedly run some program in order to see
the files in some kind of order. No more keeping SORT on your disks to
display or print alphabetized directories. DIRSORT alphabetizes the
files on your diskettes or hard disk permanently. It sorts the files in
the directory and then writes them back into the directory ... in order!
The hidden system files, if present, are not moved or altered. Thus,
the diskette can still be used to boot from.

DIRSORT operates on the disk in the default drive or the drive you
specify. It sorts the default directory on the disk you want sorted.
There is a prompt so you can verify that the correct directory is about
to be sorted. Pressing anything but the return key aborts the sort.

This is a very early version of this program, so I suggest testing it
on a disk you can afford to lose. On a hard disk, test it just after
you have backed up your disk and run CHKDSK before and after to
catch any potential problems. I always run CHKDSK on my hard disk
after using this program ... it's better to be cautious!! If the program
works for you, use it on your good disks and enjoy. Let me know of any
problems that you encounter and I will correct them in later versions.
Also, let me know if I should add the ability to sort by extension,
date, or size. Is there a demand for this program compatible with other
versions of DOS ?


In no event will the author be liable to you for direct, indirect,
incidental, or consequential damages arising out of the use or in-
ability to use this program, even if the author has been advised of
the possibility of such damages.

Permission to copy:

This program and documentation may be freely copied and distributed so
long as they are not modified in any way and are distributed together.
No price may be charged for this software, except for a distribution
cost to cover the cost of the diskette.

If you are using this program and find it to be of value your con-
tribution will be greatly appreciated ($10 is suggested). Send con-
tributions or suggestions for this or future projects to:

Keith Bailey
Campus Box 424
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309

or leave E-Mail for Keith Bailey on FidoNet #56 (303)973-9338 or
The Data Bank (303)494-0167.

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