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Replaces dir command allows page-up page-down.
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Replaces dir command allows page-up page-down.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

*********************** LICENSE AGREEMENT *****************************

DIRS is a "Shareware" utility Copyrighted in 1991, 1992 by
Accelerator Software Inc.

You are free to (and encouraged to):

1. Make as many copies of DIRS and this READ.ME file as you want.
2. Give them away to any person or company you desire.
3. Print this READ.ME file and keep the printout for use as a
reference manual.

You may NOT:

1. Modify the program or this READ.ME file in any way.
2. Sell the program.
3. Include the program with any other product (Bundling).
4. Distribute a copy of DIRS.EXE without including
a copy of this READ.ME file.

If you like this utility we ask that you:

1. Send $10 along with your name, address and phone number to
the address you will see on the DIRS display screen. You
will then become a registered user. We can then notify you
of any upgrades to this product or additional products we
may develope. Any good ideas?

******************* WHAT DIRS WILL DO *********************************

DIRS (for DIRectory Search) is a utility program that will
perform the same function as the the DOS "DIR" command only BETTER.

With DIRS you can:

1. Use the Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Page up, Page down, (Control> Page Up,
and Page Down to "search" through a displayed directory.

2. Sort the display by Filename, Extension, Time and Date, or
have no sorting done at all.

3. After the first page is displayed you can print the current page
or print all the pages at one time.

With DIRS you will:

1. Have Hidden and System files displayed.

2. Have numeric values displayed with PUNCTUATION.

3. Have all Attributes of a file displayed.

************************** INSTALLATION & USE ************************

To install DIRS copy DIRS.EXE from this diskette onto your hard drive
into a directory that is pointed to by a PATH statement.

Example "COPY A:DIRS.EXE C:\DOS" will copy DIRS.EXE to drive C & directory \DOS

To use DIRS enter the following format.

The name of the program

(optional) The path name of the directory to be
searched and any wildcard characters you may desire.
This is in the same format as the "DIR" command in "DOS"

(optional) Sort options:
/t or /d = Sort by date and time

/e or /x = Sort by Extension, then File name.

(all blank) = (Default) Sort by Filename including
the Extension.

/ = No sorting done.

NOTE! The first 3 options will also place any
Sub-directory names first.

This example would have DIRS search a directory called
dirs\yourdir/d "yourdir" and display the names in date and time order.

************************** AFTER THE DISPLAY ************************

After the directory is displayed you may:

= End display and return to DOS.

= Move the display up one line.

= Move the display down one line.

= Move the display up one page.

= Move the display down one page.

= Same as above.

= Move the display up to first page.

= Move the display down to last page.

p or P = Will print the screen the same as the
key except the border is removed.

a or A = Same as p or P above except ALL of the found
names will be printed (not just what is displayed).

************************** DISPLAY FORMAT ***************************

Top right corner>
Attribute bytes # names found
= Sub-directory # free bytes on disk
h... = Hidden Sort option used
.s.. = System
..r. = Read only
...a = Archive (changed since last backup)

Filename or Sub-directory name.


Date in MM-DD-YY order

TIME (12 hour clock)

am or pm

File size

.... FILENAME EXT mm-dd-yy hh:mm am 9,999,999

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