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DOS directory editor - reorder files within a directory.
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DOS directory editor – reorder files within a directory.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DIREDIT.DOC 53973 14732 deflated
DIREDIT.EXE 57596 35313 deflated
DIREDIT.HLP 6697 2721 deflated
DIREDIT.OVV 4262 1659 deflated
MAKETXT.EXE 8227 5087 deflated
README.1ST 1618 812 deflated
VALIDATE.EXE 13360 7336 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

The following files should be in this self-extracting ZIP archive:

DIREDIT.DOC Documentation file
MAKETXT.EXE DOC file processor (see below)
README.1ST This file
VALIDATE.EXE RAMDisk patch utility (see DIREDIT.DOC)

The DIREDIT.DOC file is formatted to be printed out on a printer capable
of underlining by doing a without a and overtyping - most printers
can do this. If you want to view it in an editor and/or TYPE it to the console,
you will need to remove the underlining. To do this, simply enter "MAKETXT
DIREDIT" (without the quotes, of course). MAKETXT will read the .DOC file
(which it expects to find in the current directory) and write a second file
called DIREDIT.TXT, which can be edited or TYPEd without difficulty.

Users of the earlier "Shareware" version (1.51) of DIREDIT will find that this
version contains few immediately visible changes other than DOS 4.0 large
device support, faster screen updating and one new sort option. Most of the
changes that were made at V2.00 and above were aimed at making the program
work on a much greater variety of hardware, and are invisible (unless you have
hardware on which the program previously didn't work, of course!). Users of
earlier Registered versions of the program (V2.15 to V2.24) will notice the
faster screen updating and DOS 4.0 large device support. See the .DOC file for
more details, especially the "Changes from previous versions" section.

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