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Small fast directory compare program by E. Meyer.
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Small fast directory compare program by E. Meyer.
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Contents of the DIRCMP.DOC file

Instructions for DIRCMP.COM
Version 1.3 (16 Oct 1992)

(c)1989-92 E. Meyer

DIRCMP (DIRectory CoMPare) is a small, fast directory utility for all
MSDOS (2.x and above) systems. For various reasons, one often needs to
reconcile two directories with similar contents: to detect differing versions
of a file, or to see which files are in one directory but not the other. You
could always run two DIR commands, read the lists, and try to match them up...
but DIRCMP makes it much easier.
The syntax and options of DIRCMP are compatible with my DTA (directory/
tree/attribute), ARCOPY (archive/copy), and DLT (delete) file utilities, which
work well together.

SYNTAX: A>dircmp dir1 {dir2} {/options} "{}"=optional

Two arguments are expected: each may consist of a path
name and/or an ambiguous filespec. If the filespec is
omitted, all files *.* are compared.
If the second path is omitted, it is assumed to be the
current one. If the second filename is omitted, it is assumed
the same as the first.
For online help, type "DIRCMP" alone or "DIRCMP /?".

In addition, you can specify options to control operation:
/P = pause display when screen full
/M = use monochrome output instead of color
/2 = swap 2 disks in the same drive for comparison
You can also specify options to restrict the display contents:
/E = files EXISTING in both directories only
/N = files NOT existing in both directories only
/C = files CHANGED only
/S = SUMMARY of number of files only
Otherwise, by default, the complete set of listings will be produced.

EXAMPLES: C>dircmp a:
Compare current directories of drives A: and C:
C>dircmp a:\ a:\ /2
Compare root directories of two floppies in drive A:
C>dircmp a:\work /c
Show files changed between directory A:\WORK and C: (current)
C>dircmp \prg\*.asm a: /ns
Summarize files C:\PRG\*.ASM not among A:*.ASM, and vice versa


DIRCMP will normally give three alphabetical file listings:
1. files common to both directories;
2. files present in the first but not the second;
3. files present in the second but not the first.
For each list also DIRCMP reports the number of files and their total
size in K (1K = 1024 bytes).
Notes: differing versions of files (same name, but different timestamp)
will appear in the lists of DIFFERENT files, the newer version flagged with a
"+" sign before the filename, the older version with a "-". DIRCMP does not
examine contents of files, only names and timestamps. Hidden and system files
are ignored.

You can also select a more restricted display: the /E option gives only
the first listing (common files). The /N option gives only the second and
third (differing files). The /C option gives a single more restricted
listing, of modified versions of files with the same name only. These three
options are mutually exclusive.
The /S option can be used in combination with any other, to suppress the
filename display and show only summary data (number and size of files).

The /2 option allows you to compare two floppy disks directly, even if
you have only one drive of that size. DIRCMP will read the first disk, then
prompt you to insert the second.

Whether DIRCMP displays in color or pauses at the end of each screen
depends on the default settings installed (see CUSTOMIZING). In any case, the
/M and /P options will reverse the default.

While running, DIRCMP ignores keystrokes like ^S or ^C, except when
paused at the end of the page, when you can use ^C to abort if desired.
Output can be directed to a file or other device in the standard fashion:
But if you are using color output, you must disable it with the /M option or
redirection will not work.


You can use DEBUG or a similar utility to change DIRCMP's pagination
default and text colors (on IBM PC compatibles). Use of contrasting colors
can make the display more easily readable. All values below are in

0108 FF Page pause 00=no, FF=yes
0109 FF Color output? 00=no, FF=yes
010A 07 Message color 00-FF \
010B 0F Filename color 00-FF >see below
010C 70 Flag/error color 00-FF /

PAGE PAUSE: With this set to FF, DIRCMP will pause at the end of each
screen by default; if you set this to FF, it won't. Whichever setting you
choose can be reversed with the /P option.

COLOR OUTPUT: With this set to FF, DIRCMP will use PC BIOS output for a
color display, and its page pause will recognize any current screen size. If
you set this to 00, DIRCMP will use standard DOS output and assume a 25 line
screen. Whichever setting you choose can be reversed with the /M option.

COLORS: Specify each color by a pair of hex digits for background and
foreground, according to the following codes:
0 = BLACK 4 = red 8 = GREY C = bright red
1 = blue 5 = magenta 9 = bright blue D = bright magenta
2 = green 6 = brown A = bright green E = yellow
3 = cyan 7 = WHITE B = bright cyan F = BRIGHT WHITE
For example, "17" means "blue background, white text".
All monochrome screens can display black, white, and bright white; in
some cases, grey may also be visible.
Colors 8-F should generally be avoided as background colors because they
produce blinking video. On EGA/VGA displays, if blinking video is disabled,
the whole range of background colors will be available.

EXAMPLE: To change to a pagination default of NO, type "DEBUG
DIRCMP.COM", then "E0108 00", then "W", then "Q".

Please distribute copies of DIRCMP with original settings only, to avoid
confusing other users.


Missing or invalid argument; think (read?) and try again.
You don't have enough free memory (about 45k required).
Too many files to compare (maximum is 1024 per directory);
try a more restrictive filespec, e.g. *.DOC instead of *.*.


DIRCMP 1.0 (Apr89) - first release of this program.
1.1 (May89) - added changed file options, pagination.
1.2 (Feb90) - 2nd argument defaults to current drive.
1.3 (Oct92) - color output; /Mono, /Summary, /2 options.
(/C replaces /M as option for changed files)

DIRCMP and documentation are (c)1989-92 Eric Meyer, all rights reserved.
They may be freely distributed, but not modified or sold for profit without my
written consent. (Exception: Libraries may charge up to $6 for a disk.) The
user takes full responsibility for any damages resulting from the use of this
program. For a disk with the latest versions of all my programs send $10 to:

Eric Meyer
3541 Smuggler Way CompuServe [74415,1305]
Boulder, CO 80303 USA

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