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DELTREE allows the removal of an entire directory structure, including all nested subdirectories and files, in a single operation.
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DELTREE allows the removal of an entire directory structure, including all nested subdirectories and files, in a single operation.
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Contents of the DELTREE.DOC file

DELTREE Version 1.2
(c) Copyright 1992 by Leslie Houk


DELTREE allows the removal of an entire directory structure,
including all nested subdirectories and files, in a single


DELTREE [drive:]path [/o]

[drive:] an optional drive specifier, if the path to be
removed is on a drive other than the default.

path the subdirectory to be removed.

[/o] optional "override" parameter - when present,
DELTREE will ignore "read-only", "hidden", and
"system" file attributes and will delete such files.


1. The name of every file and directory deleted is logged
to the screen.

2. By default, if DELTREE encounters a file or directory
with a "read-only", "hidden", or "system" attribute, it
will leave the file or directory in place, display a
message noting that it was skipped, and continue on the
next file or directory. The "/o(verride)" option will
cause these files and directories to be deleted.

3. The override option is case insensitive and can begin
with either a forward slash or a hyphen. Thus, "/o",
"/O", "-o", and "-O" are all valid override options.

4. DELTREE can be halted at any time by performing a
(that is, press the key while holding
down the or key).

5. DELTREE returns the following exit codes:

0 Successful completion
1 Program aborted by user
2 Invalid option parameter specified
3 No directory specified to delete
4 Invalid directory specified
5 Error unprotecting a file to delete

DELTREE User Documentation Page 1

6 Error deleting a file
7 Root directory specified (DELTREE will not
delete a root directory)
8 Error reading/setting system break flag
(used for Control-C checking)


DELTREE is a user-supported program, also known as 'share-
ware.' It is NOT free software. You are permitted under the
terms of this license to use this software for thirty days
without any payments. If you continue to use this software
past this point, you must register your copy by sending five
dollars to the author at the address below.

The DELTREE program and this document are copyrighted by
Leslie Houk. The copyright owner hereby licenses you to: use
the software and documentation for thirty days; make as many
copies of the software and documentation as you wish; give
exact copies of the original software and documentation to
anyone; and distribute the software and documentation in its
unmodified form. There is no charge for any of the above.

You are specifically prohibited from charging or requesting
donations for any such copies, however made. Exceptions may
be granted to organizations which charge a small fee for
materials, handling, postage and general overhead. NO
CONDITIONS. In addition, you are specifically prohibited from
making any modifications to the DELTREE code. Under no
circumstances is the copyright notice embedded in the DELTREE
code to be modified or removed.

There is no warranty of any kind associated with this soft-
ware, and the author is not liable for damages of any kind.
By using this software, you agree to this. Every effort has
been made to make this product bug-free. However, the nature
of software development is such that it is impossible to
guarantee bug-free software. In the event a verifiable bug
is found, the author will make every attempt to repair the bug
as soon as possible. Registered users will be notified of new
versions of DELTREE as they become available.

DELTREE User Docmentation Page 2

DELTREE Registration Form

Name: _________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________


City: _________________________________________________________

State: ______________________________ Zip: _________________

Version Number Of Your Copy Of DELTREE: ___________________________

Where Obtained DELTREE: __________________________________________

Total Due: $5.00

Mail Completed Form to:

Leslie Houk
301 College Street
Horse Cave, KY 42749

DELTREE User Docmentation Page 3

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