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Utility to delete duplicate files.
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Utility to delete duplicate files.
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Contents of the DELDUPE.DOC file

DELDUPE 2.3, Copyright (c) Vernon D. Buerg 1987-89. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Delete duplicate or older files in one directory that already
exist in another disk directory.

DELDUPE directory-to-delete [master-directory]
[/O] [/T] [/S] [/V] [/P] [/N]

The 'directory-to-delete' specifies the drive and path name of
the 'old' directory containing old or duplicate files.

The 'master-directory' specifies the drive and path name of the
'new' directory containing current or original files. If
omitted, the current drive and directory is used.

If files in the 'old' directory are the same date/time, or
older, than files of the same name in the 'new' directory, they
are deleted.

Specify /O to delete older files: same name but of different
size. If omitted, only files with the same name, datestamp, and
size will be deleted.

Specify /S to delete similar files: the same name and date/time
but the size is different.

Specify /N to delete files of the same name regardless of the
date, time, or file size.

Specify /T to display filenames only, but do not delete them.
Use this option to determine which files are duplicates or older

Specify /V to confirm deletion of each eligible file.

Specify /P to pause when the screen fills. You may enter a ^C
(break) at this point but the current directory will not be
properly restored.

- Delete duplicate files in 'C:\TEMP' which already exist
| in the current directory of drive B:

deldupe c:\temp b:

- Display the names of duplicate or older files in the directory
called \PROJECTS which already exist in the directory \TEST

deldupe \projects \test /o/t

Written for the IBM PC using PC DOS version 2.0 or later.

Version 1.1, 3/07/87 - initial version
Version 2.2, 7/21/87 - added /N to delete files of same name
| Version 2.3, 3/01/89 - changed /N to display both directory's data
| making /N with /T more informative


DELDUPE is free, but it is a copyrighted work and may be distributed
only pursuant to this license.

Permission is hereby granted to reproduce and disseminate DELDUPE so
long as:

(1) No remuneration of any kind is received in exchange; and

(2) Distribution is without ANY modification to the contents
of DELDUPE.COM, DELDUPE.ASM and all accompanying
documentation and/or support files, including the
copyright notice and this license.

No copy of DELDUPE may be distributed without including a copy
of this license.

Any other use is prohibited without express, written permission in

Vernon D. Buerg
139 White Oak Circle
Petaluma, CA 94952

CompuServe: 70007,1212 (Go IBMCOM)
Data/BBS: (707) 778-8944
(707) 778-8841

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