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DELBAK is a utility to search all subdirectories on the default disk and delete all *.BAK, *.TMP, and zero-byte files found.
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DELBAK is a utility to search all subdirectories on the default disk and delete all *.BAK, *.TMP, and zero-byte files found.
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Contents of the DELBAK.DOC file


Copyright 1991 Ernie Johnson
All Rights Reserved

User Manual

To obtain product support, you may mail or phone us:

Ernie Johnson, voice phone: (519) 357-1941
P.O. Box 1207 bbs phone: (519) 357-1943
Wingham, ON
N0G 2W0

Whats New
From version 2.2: added option to delete .OLD files - this
operates the same as the options to delete BAK, TMP and

From version 2.0: fixed a minor cosmetic bug that told the user
DELBAK was deleting a volume label on your disk (if found).
DELBAK did/does not delete volume labels, but this was a
minor omittance in the code.

I also added an option to delete (user selective) read-only
files of the types DELBAK deletes. You must use a -r on the
command line to delete read-only files of BAK, DBK, TMP or
0-length files.

From version 1.1, I've added options to delete DBK and 0 length
files, as well as a command line switch to delete BAK, TMP
DBK and 0 length files.

What is it
A program to delete nasty, space gobbling BAK, TMP, DBK, OLD and
0-length files your disk drives.

Use this program at your own risk, I take no responsibility for
anything that might happen your your data!

* * * Remember to make regular data backups * * *

There is no code in the program that deletes anything but the
files indicated so I see no reason that it would cause problems.
Just make sure you do want to delete what you tell DELBAK to

DELBAK has been extensively tested on my 386-16 using a Plus
Impulse 170MB hard disk, a 286 clone with Plus Impulse 52MB hard
disk and Seagate 110MB hard disk - I have had no problems
what-so-ever with DELBAK. Just make sure you really do want to
delete what you are telling it to delete.

For instance, on my 386 programming computer, I use DELBAK with
the -a and -r options.

My 286 runs a PCBoard bulletin board system, and I only delete
BAK, TMP and DBK files. There are some 0 length files that
would cause problems if they were deleted.

DELBAK must be given 1 or more command line switches, depending
on what you want deleted. DELBAK will delete TMP, BAK, DBK, or
0 length files.

The switches are as follows:

-b to delete BAK files (normal backup)
-t to delete TMP files (temporary)
-d to delete DBK files (dbase backup)
-o to delete OLD files (some programs create OLD instead of BAK)
-0 to delete 0 length files (improperly closed)
-a to delete BAK, TMP, DBK, 0
-r to delete files of above type marked as "read-only"

To delete only BAK files, specify DELBAK as follows:

DELBAK -b - DELBAK will search the ENTIRE drive
and delete all BAKs found.
To delete all TMP files, replace the -b
with a -t.

To delete ALL BAK and TMP files, specify DELBAK as follows:

DELBAK -b -t The -b and -t can be in any order.

Miscellaneous Information
DELBAK is a 10K EXE file. Not much of a big deal to most people,
but using a program such as Phil Katz' PKLITE you can compress
DELBAK's EXE size about 30 percent. If you are concerned about disk
space, I would recommend you get PKLITE and compress your EXE files.

PKLITE (tm) is Copyright 1990, PKWARE, Inc.

DELBAK is distributed as a freeware program - meaning, use it,
copy it and give it out to anybody you want to, BUT please don't
modify it in any way unless you have been given consent by the
author. Please distribute both DELBAK.EXE and DELBAK.DOC!

If you have any suggestions and/or comments on the program, or
would like information on other programs I've written, simply
write to:

Ernie Johnson
P.O. Box 1207
Wingham, ON
N0G 2W0 - Canada

Feel free to call the EPIC Software support BBS at 519-357-1943
and leave me your comments, suggestions or bug reports.

Included in this archive is a file called SOURCE.TXT - it is a
listing of many different ways the author of DELBAK can be

Included in the archive should be a file called COMMENTS.FRM.
I would appreciate it if users of DELBAK would print this out,
or duplicate it by hand, complete it and send it to us at the
address listed in this file, or in the COMMENTS.FRM file.

You may also upload this form as a message on our BBS system.
Leave the message to the SysOp.

By sending in this form, we can acknowledge that people actually
do use DELBAK and the time spent improving the program and
re-distributing it isn't wasted time and money.

Of course, if you give us some comments or suggestions, we will
try our best to incorporate them into future DELBAK versions.
Bug reports are also welcomed, although I hope to have
eliminated any bugs in the program.

Since I am not asking you to send money for a program such as
DELBAK, I would like to hear from you - it could cost you $.20
for a postcard or maybe $.50 for a phone call. That is all
I ask of you if you decide to use DELBAK regularly.

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