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DDir "DIR" command replacement, update of PCMAG's DDIR.COM.
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DDir “DIR” command replacement, update of PCMAG’s DDIR.COM.
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Contents of the DDIR.DOC file

DDIR.COM User's Guide

DDIR displays all or selected directory entries (name, date, time)
in double columns, sorted in alphabetical order.

The format is: DDIR [d:][path][filename[ext]]

If no parameters are specified, DDIR will list all files in the
current directory. Use of the global characters ? and * in the
filename and extension parameters is supported.

If more than one screenful (48 entries) is required, the display
pauses at the bottom, showing the message, "Press any key to

DDIR output may be redirected to a printer or file. However, the
"Press any key to continue." message will be sent to the screen.
A response is required to continue redirection.

The DOS F3 repeat command key cannot be used to repeat a DDIR
command because DDIR loads a secondary command processor.

DDIR can sort up to 528 files. If the directory or filename
argument contains more than 528 files, DDIR will alphbetize the
first 528, print them, and process the next 528.

DDIR has been modified to be compatible with DOS 4.X and 5.X.
Also fixed, if 23 lines of files are displayed, the first line of
files will no longer scroll off the screen.

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