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Disk Drive File Investigator V2.0. Finds files by keyword.
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Disk Drive File Investigator V2.0. Finds files by keyword.
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Contents of the DDI.DOC file



for the

IBM Personal Computer

Version 2.0


John Krytus
246 Gardner Avenue
Northwood, Ohio 43619
Voice (419) 691-9700
Data (419) 691-1125

January 1992

1.0 Program Description
I wrote this utility because I run a network here and need a
way to find files. This utility is fast and through. It also
has a feature that I haven't seen around yet and hope it can
be useful for others. What ddi will do is scan the entire
filename and extention for any appearence of the search
argument, position of the search argument is of no importance.
Also, this utility scans for subdirectories and hidden files.

2.0 Required files
There are really on two files in this archive.
They are as follows:

1. DDI.EXE Main EXE program.

2. DDI.DOC Documentation for the program.

3.0 Setup

There is no real setup and the file can be run from anywhere
and search anywhere. Just type in the name [ddi] without the
brackets and its options will be displayed.

4.0 Running the program
All that is really necessary is to invoke the exe file at the
main DOS prompt. Something like this:

example: C:\>ddi [search argument] /options /options

Find specific file
/h Find all hidden files on drive
/s Find all subdirs on drive
/t Set start target drive + subdir
/d Search all drives on system
/a Include dates for files
/p Print all finds to printer

The program begins by do an analysis of the current drive and
subdirectory if that is where you invoke it. After seeking
the paths etc. on your drive, it begins to display any files
that might fit the arguments you have entered. Position of
arguments on the command line are not important.

Ex. C:\ddi .doc

This is a valid argument and ddi will find any files
that have the extension .doc

Ex. C:\ddi util

This is a valid argument and ddi will find any files
that have the four letters [util] in it. Some examples
of output might be:


As you can see the search argument can be anywhere in the filename
or extension.

Ex. C:\DDI /h

This example will search the current drive or subdir and
below for all hidden files or subdirs.

Ex. C:\DDI /s

Thsi example will search the current drive or subdir and
display all the subdirs it finds. Even though they are
multiple deep.

Ex. D:\ddi /tc: word

This example will search starting at the c: root directory.
Even though you are sitting in the D: drive root directory.

Ex. C:\DDI /d word

This example will search starting at c: drive root directory
and search all drives in the system reporting each one.

5.0 Limitations
Haven't really found any, but am interested in how things work
for you. I usually program to fill my needs and many times
share the program because it might be of some use to someone else.

6.0 Problems
Shouldn't be any. But if you do experience any, get in touch with
me and I'll try to help you out.

7.0 Sharing the cost
This utility is NOT freeware. If you use this utility you MUST

8.0 Guarentees
There are none. Although, if you use the program file as indicated
herein, it should be useful to you. I DO NOT make any promises
whether spoken, written, or implied. Use at your own risk.

9.0 Registering
When you send your $10 check and registration, I will provide you your
registered version on my BBS. Call 419-691-1125 data and I will
have your registered version ready for you to download. Any updates
are free using the same procedure.

10.0 ShareWare Distribution
Vendors distributing shareware shall not circumvent the purpose of this
software. Registration is still required.

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