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Finds all files last changed between two dates.
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Finds all files last changed between two dates.
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Documentation for:

DDATE Version 1.6 Copyright (c) 1988 by Jeff Thorne

DDate is a program that functions almost identically to
the operating systems DIR command, except that it accepts two
parameters: (1) a starting date and (2) and ending date. Only
files modified between these two date (including the dates specified)
will be listed. This is great to see what files need to be

The syntax is:

ddate [start date] [end date]

The format of the dates are mm/dd/yy. If you only specify the
start date, then all files modified after that date will be
listed. If you specify and end date, you MUST also specify the
start date. If both options are omitted, only files modified
today will be listed.

Please realize this program is NOT public domain. If you use
this program you are requested to register your copy. I only ask
(as I do for most of my programs) $5.00. Not only will this
allow you to receive updates, but you will be notified when other
programs of this type are released. Soon, you will even have
access to a special support conference on the XIGNALS BBS in
which you will be able to get programs unavailable to the general
public. Thank you and as a registered user, past experiences
have shown that I will custimize the program if you request it as
well as write other programs as someone points out a need for

Please send $5.00 to:

Jeff Thorne
921 Terrace Acres
Auburn, AL 36830
(205) 821-5333
call the XIGNALS BBS at:
(205) 821-4664 (260 MEG online, soon to increased to 390 MEG!!)

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