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Blue North's DCOPY V2.1 is a program for copying diskettes. It is a replacement for the DOS DISKCOPY command.
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Blue North’s DCOPY V2.1 is a program for copying diskettes. It is a replacement for the DOS DISKCOPY command.
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Contents of the README file

// DCOPY 2.1 //
// The Intelligent Disk Copier //
// Now Even Smarter! //
// //
// Copyright (c) 1991 //
// Blue North Software //

NOTE: Complete documentation can be found in the file DCOPY.DOC, which
should be included in the files you received.


To use DCopy, copy the file DCOPY.EXE to any directory on your path.
Invoke DCopy with the following command line:


x: is the letter of the drive you wish to use for copying. The /S
option in the second example will tell DCopy to use the original,
simpler interface used in DCopy 1.0.


DCopy 2.1 brings many new features to DCopy. Here is a summary of
DCopy's features:

o Copy diskettes with a single swap
o Copies any size and format to 1.44 Mb
o Recognizes drives identified through an external device driver
such as DRIVER.SYS
o Make multiple copies with a single read of the source diskette
o Automatic allocation of system resources to create "swap pool"
o Manual control over allocation of system resources
o Detects format of target diskette and reformats if necessary
o Error checking ensures correct copies
o Automatically eliminates bad track mapping on target diskette
o Optionally duplicates bad track map on target diskette
o Optional sound cues available for diskette swapping and errors
o Can be forced to display monochrome for LCD displays and
monochrome monitors
o Selected options can be written to DCOPY.EXE
o DCopy's default options can be easily restored

What is DCopy?

DCopy is a program for copying diskettes. It is a replacement for the
DOS DISKCOPY command, and was written to overcome some of DISKCOPY's
more annoying shortcomings. DCopy was designed for people with what has
come to be a typical system -- only one drive of a particular media
size. In these situations, particularly with larger disk capacities
like 1.44 Mb, DISKCOPY involves a very frustrating series of diskette
swaps. DCopy overcomes this limitation, and allows you to copy a
diskette with only one swap. DCopy also allows you the option of making
multiple copies of a diskette after reading the source diskette only

Is DCopy free?

No. DCopy is not free. It is not public domain. It is copywrited by
Blue North Software, and is being distributed under a marketing concept
called shareware.

What is Shareware?

Shareware is a unique marketing concept whereby you get to try software
out before you pay for it. Many shareware software packages exist,
duplicating most of the commercialy available packages in functionality
and quality. Shareware is often much less expensive, because shareware
authors don't have the overhead that commercial software concerns have.

Basically, once you have acquired a shareware package, you try it out
and see if you like it. If you do, you send a requested registration
fee to the authors. This fee usually entitles you to certain additional
considerations, which vary from author to author. If you do not wish to
continue using the software, you do not need to register it. You
should, however, stop using it if you do not register it. Regardless,
the software should be passed along to as many friends as possible,
because this distribu tion is what makes shareware work.

How do I register DCopy?

We're glad you asked. You can register DCopy by sending a cheque or
money order for $20 to:

Blue North Software
13112 66th Ave.
Edmonton, AB CANADA
T6H 1Y8

The file REGISTER.TXT contains a form to assist you in the registration
process. To print it out, simply issue the following command at the DOS


What are the registration benefits?

Registered owners of DCopy are entitled to unlimited technical support,
which is available through any of the following channels:

USENET: [email protected]
Voice:(403) 489-9958
Mail:the above address

Due to circumstances beyond our control, voice support is only available
between the hours of 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM MST, Monday to Friday, but
registered owners can leave a message on our nice answering machine, and
we'll get back to them between those hours. Sorry, but we are unable to
return calls to non-registered users, unless you specifiy that we may
call collect.

On registration, you will be placed on our mailing list to receive, at
no cost, the next version of DCopy. We plan on adding support for
copying between different media (1.44 Mb to 1.2 Mb, for example). You
will also receive notification as new products become available.
Finally, registered owners will be offered discounts on upcoming Blue
North Software products.

Don't these files usually have some kind of disclaimer?

You bet. And here's ours:

Blue North Software is not responsible for anything. Nothing. Zilch.
If you are a registered owner, our warranty extends only to the physical
media we distribute our products on. Unfortunately, you use our
products at your risk, not ours.

Having said all that, we would like to point out that we have tested
DCopy to the best of our ability. Tests were conducted with physically
and electronically damaged diskettes, in a variety of situations. We
don't like to make blanket statements eliminating any responsibility we
might have, but this is a crazy world where the number one corporate
sport seems to be the law suit, and we'd love to avoid all of that.
Finally, we will say that if you find a bug in DCopy, report it. We'll
fix it and send you a free update.

Thank you for trying DCopy, and remember to share it with your friends.
Shareware works only if it is shared!

DCopy is Copyright (c) 1991 - Blue North Software

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