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"DirColor" colorized Directory lister.
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“DirColor” colorized Directory lister.
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Contents of the DC.DOC file

DirColor v3.2
Copyright (c) 1990 David Lipper

DirColor (DC.EXE) is a colorized directory listing; generally
similar type files get similar background colors. Type DC -? (or DC -h)
for a help screen that will give you all the commandline switches and a
color key to the different extensions supported. DC supports 43/50 line
EGA/VGA modes; see the help screen for the appropriate commandline switches.
When in DC, hit return for the next screen. DC.EXE will handle directories
with up to 511 files, probably much more if you have enough free memory,
and needs about 45k to run, DCBIG.EXE will handle directories with up to
2047 files, and needs about 85k to run. Whichever one you use, you will
probably want to rename it to DC.EXE, to save keystrokes. If you have a
slow disk drive, you may want to put it in your root directory so it
comes up faster.
Starting with version 3.2, DIRCOLOR will let you have your
directory appear in random colors, regardless of the file extensions, by
using the -x parameter. What you may want to do is specify a -x in the
DCPARAMS environment variable, along with your other settings, in order
to get the rainbow effect whenever you run DIRCOLOR, then if you want to
use the extension-sensitive color codes for any reason, just add a -y to
the commandline to ovveride the -x in DCPARAMS.
Version 3.2 also haas the addition of a "press any key to continue..."
at the end of a screen; this works fine for all but the cursor keys, which
seem to bounce; this may be just my keyboard, which is not the best by a
longshot, but then again maybe it's something else elusive which I havent
pinpointed yet. So the cursor keys may not work right for the "press any
key...", but the other standard keys do.
If you think I left out an important extension, send me e-mail
and I'll decide if I'm gonna add it.
Have fun. -Dave


command syntax:
DC [/-h?] [-rm{43|50}] [-bx] [-nesdNESD] [pathname/filemask]
-h or -? or ? or /h or /? = this help screen
-r or -r43 or -r50 = use 25, 43 or 50 line mode respectively, reset on exit
-m or -m43 or -m50 = same as -r, but don''t reset screen mode
-b forces DIRCOLOR to use BIOS video, the default is direct screen writes
-x causes DIRCOLOR to use random colors for all files
-y on commandline (only) overrides -x in DCPARAMS
Sort types:
-n,-N = name | -e,-E = extension | -s,-S = size | -d,-D = date

(capital letters sort in descending order, lower case in ascending order)

All switches should be lower case, unless otherwise specified (-NESD).

NOTE: if you use -r, the screen will be cleared, use -m to keep the
directory on screen. If you have an EGA, use 43, if you have VGA, use 50.
Use -r or -m without the 43/50 to override the settings in DCPARAMS.
There is also an environment varialbe, DCPARAMS, which can be set
to contain default commandline switches, but not a pathname or filemask.
Any parameters specified on the DC commandline will override the settings
in DCPARAMS. To have DC default to this help screen, set DCPARAMS=?


DC -- list current directory in standard 25 line mode
DC d:\monsters\.boo -- standard 25 line mode, dir of d:\monsters,
files with ".boo" extension
DC -r43 -- 43 line, reset mode, current dir listing
DC -m50 c:\turbo -- 50 line, don''t reset mode, dir of c:\turbo
DC \dos\copy.* -r50 -- 50 line, reset mode, files in \dos on current
or DC -r50 \dos\copy drive with filename "copy", any extension
DC *.exe or DC .exe -- all files in current directory with ".exe" extension
DC ico* or DC ico*.* -- files in current directory starting with "ico"
DC \win -e -b -- directory of \win on current drive, sorted by
extension in ascending order; use bios video
DC *.bat -n -y -- all files with ".bat" extension in current

directory, sorted by name in ascending order, use
extension colorcodes, even if -x is in DCPARAMS
DC -D c:\dos -r -- directory of c:\dos; 25-line mode, reset video
on exit; sorted by date in descending order

environment variable examples:

set DCPARAMS=-e -r50 or set DCPARAMS=-m43 -D -b

Leave me comments / suggestions / bug reports and get the latest version on:
The Brentwood BBS (914)835-7898 1200/2400; 38,400 HST w/ subscription
Over The Edge BBS (914)747-4635 300-2400

This program is hereby dedicated to the public domain and is offerred as-is,
with no warrantees expressed or implied. In no event shall the author be held
responsible for loss resulting from the use or misuse of this program. If the
color combinations trigger an epileptic seizure & you bite off your tongue,
I won't pay for it to be sewed on again (no disrespect to epileptics

revision history:
1.0 initial release
1.1 added lots of extensions & other stuff I can't remember
1.2 added .WPF, .BK!, .WRI, .CFG, .DAT, .MAP, .HR, .FNT, .REC, .SCR,
.DRV, .WKS, .WK1, .ASC, .ANS, .OV* (that means .OVL, .OVR, .OV1, etc.),
files without an extension, and probably some others I forgot about;
fixed 0 byte length of volume labels, now shows < VOL > instead.
Changed color for .DVR to make it more readable. DC now supports 60
different color combinations (if I counted right) not counting
unclassified files.
2.0 Rewrote code for commandline switches, now switches can be specified
in any order, there is no longer a space between the -m or -r switch
and the number speciying the mode (ex. now -m50 instead of -m 50).
Dircolor now supports a path/filemask commandline parameter, see the
help screen for examples. Planning to add sorting to the next version.
Added "xxxxxx Bytes in xxx Files" to the end of the directory.
2.01 Fixed a couple of minor bugs - the xx Bytes in xx Files message would
cause the first line to scroll off if there was an exact multiple
of 100 files in 50-line mode, 25 line mode was only using 24 lines,
now uses all 25; the textmode wouldnt get set to 43/50 if the -r/-m
parameter was specified before a path. Fixed.
2.02 Directories would sometimes display with the color attributes of a
file with no extension. Fixed.
3.0 Ok, I finally added directory sorting, and also a BIOS visdeo option.
I'd appreciate any bug reports or suggestions, since I'd like to make
the next version a beta (I would've made this a beta, but I had to
rewrite and add so much code to make it sort the directory, it may
have some quirks (although I didn't find any in testing). This version
supports up to 511 files per directory , which can be changed
if need be.
3.1 Added an environment variable, DCPARAMS, that can contain default
commandline parameters (but not a path or filemask). Any parameters
specified on the commandline override the ones in DCPARAMS. Also
added the -r and -m switches to force 25-line mode (to override
settings in the DCPARAMS environment variable). Now there are
2 .EXE files in the archive, DC.EXE and DCBIG.EXE; DC still has
a directory limit of 511 files, and needs about 45k to run; DCBIG.EXE
will handle directories with up to 2047 files, and needs about 85k
to run. If you run the programs in too little memory, the display
will probably contain garbage characters, and your memory will be
corrupted. If someone actually has a directory with 2047 files in
it, I'd appreciate some e-mail letting me know if it works ok.
3.2 Added -x option for random colors, -y to override -x in DCPARAMS;
added "Hit any key.." messages, added free disk space display. I
think I picked out all the unreadable color combinations for the -x
option, but if you come across one that is unreadable, send me e-mail
and I'll nuke it.

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