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Alphabetized directory list double wide with neat features.
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Alphabetized directory list double wide with neat features.
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Contents of the ADD.DOC file

ADD - Alphabetized Double Wide Directory

ADD.ARC includes 3 files:
ADD.EXE - Executable
ADD.PAS - Source
ADD.DOC - Perfunctory document

ADD is intended to serve as a general replacement for DIR or the shareware DDIR
directory utilities, and improves on these by greatly reducing execution time
by using an initial DOS scroll, assembly screen IO, finding all file types,
(even hidden and system), and by offering multiple sort priorities, including
the reversal of any sort order.

The directory may be sorted using these flags which follow the directory mask:

/S File size
/D File date and time
/E File extension (eg. ADD *.PAS /D/R )
/T File size total only ( for reversed date order )
/R Reverse sort order
/ List of these options

However, ADD falls short of some other directory utilities because it cannot
produce output to be redirected via pipes or filters (it does not employ DOS
calls when printing).


ADD was written in Turbo Pascal 4.0 by:

Randy Crawford
12 Taft Ct., Suite 110
Rockville, MD 20850
301 424-6892 (work)

Feel free to modify ADD in any way, (God knows the code could be beautified),
but please refrain from redistributing it under the same name. I will
eventually get around to embellishing it further.

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