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Simple, yet effective, directory management program.
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Simple, yet effective, directory management program.
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Sweet Little Directory Program * Version 3.6 * Release Date: 08-27-89
Copyright 1989 by Marc Perkel * All Rights Reserved

Computer Tyme * 216 South Glenstone * Springfield Mo. 65802
(800) 548-5353 Sales * (417) 866-1222 Voice * (417) 866-1665 Data

This program is part of the Computer Tyme DOS ToolBox.
For $39.95 you can get the rest of the programs.

D /E/D/S/U/B/I/R/A/L/W/O/P/F/+/-/1/2/3/4/5/6

/E Sort by Ext /D Sort by Date
/S Sort by Size /U Unsorted
/B Sort Backwards /I Identify Directory
/R Programs that can Run /A Files with Archive Set
/L Long Display, no Pause /W Wait for Keypress at End
/O Use Standard Output Device /P Output to Printer
/F File Names Only
/+DATE Files after Date /-DATE Files before Date

/1/2/3/4/5/6 Controls Number of Columns and Information Displayed

This program is done right! Normal sort is subdirectories first, then
hidden and system files, then by name alphabetically. Subdirectories,
hidden and system files are displayed in lower case. Files with hidden,
system, or read only attributes have an * next to them.

The display is a vertical sorted display with the width automatically
adjusting by the number of files. Page break is automatically adjusted
for output to different devices.

Default options are sort by name, 4 columns, direct video with color.

The /R option shows files that can run. (EXE, COM, BAT)

The /6 give you a 6 column display of names only. /5 shows just names
with and "*" next to the read-only, system, and hidden files. /4 shows
names and file size in K. /3 shows names and file size in bytes. /2
shows file size in bytes and date and time. /1 shows all of the above
and file attributes.

The /I option will cause the directory name to be displayed at the top
of the display:

*-*>> Directory of: C:\TURBO5\*.COM

The /O option sends output to the standard output handle instead of
directly to screen memory. You would use this option if you are running
this program over a modem, or if you're using a color card with a
composite monitor. The /O strips all color.

Output redirection is automatically detected and output is sent to the
dos standard output handle, (/O) and no pause, (/L) is automatically
selected. Using /O will allow this program to work correctly over a

Default options can be set using the Environment Strings.
SET D.EXE=/O/I selects Standard Output and Identify Directory.

This program will handle up to 16000 files in a single directory.

More than one filespec can be specified.

D *.PAS *.INC will list all the files that end with with the extension
of either PAS or INC.

Using D with other Computer Tyme Software:

D does not have a multiple subdirectory mode. You can get the same
effect as if it did using DoList and Whereis. Suppose you want a list of
everything on your hard disk.


Whereis/T lists all subdirectories on the current drive. This list is
piped into DoList which executes D on each of the directories. Output is
sent to DIRLIST, a text file, for later printing or editing.


The Computer Tyme Dos ToolBox... Makes DOS easier for the novice,
more powerful for the professional.

Directory Master is a powerful hard disk managment utility. It brings up
your hard disk files and allows you to mark selected files so you can
copy them, delete them, or move them. It also allows you to rename
files, change dates, and change attributes. You can also run programs or
set up your function keys to run programs on selected files.

Dolist makes being at DOS easier. It gives you full line editing, like a
word processor, for your commands. It also stores commands so that you
can re-execute them. It remembers subdirectories and allows you to go
back to them by pressing the TAB key. It offers programmable function
keys, DOS extensions, multiple execution, and many more features you
have got to have.

Pick Directory allows you to move through the directory system by
displaying a graphic tree and letting you use your arrow keys to move
around. It also lets you create, delete, rename, and hide directories.

TEdit (from SemWare) is a powerful, easy to use full screen editor.

And many more ... Also includes is D, a fancy directory listing program;
WHEREIS, for finding stuff on you hard disk, SORT, MOVE, FIND, FREE,
PIPEDIR, VERSION, and many more.

The Dos Toolbox sells for $39.95.



MarxMenu is the most powerful menu system on the planet. It uses NO
RAM when it runs your applications. It has a menu language with over
300 commands. This allows you to create menus with multi-layer
exploding windows, conditional menus, full math functions and string
routines, screen blanker, passwords and complete flexibility. This
menu is written for the power user. MarxMenu is NETWORK READY.

MarxMenu sells for $39.95.

Network versions $495/server.

Computer Tyme BBS: (417) 866-1665

Make Check Computer Tyme Order Form 2.6
Payable To: 216 South Glenstone
Springfield Mo. 65802
(417) 866-1222 (800) 548-5353

Please send me the Computer Tyme DOS Toolbox.


Name: ________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________

City/St/Zip: ________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________________

Computer: ________________________________________________

Got DM From: ________________________________________________

Comments: ________________________________________________



___ Enclosed is $39.95 for The ToolBox.
___ Enclosed is an additional $39.95 for MarxMenu.
___ Add $3.00 for Shipping and Handling.

___ I need 3 1/2 Inch Media.


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