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1/13/93 v 3.7
Colorado Utilities Disk Manager (CUDM) A high volume disk catalog system.
The standard version supports up to 3,000+ records. The Plus & Extended
versions have an unlimited capacity. Reads any disk size, including CD-ROM
drives interfaced through standard MS-DOS drivers. Reads and catalogs
internal directories of compression libraries (ZIP, LHA, PAK, ZOO, ARC, MD,
etc). Many search capabilities including imbedded strings, wild card, etc.
Allows 410 characters of comments per catalog entry. Supports 25/43/50 line

There are currently two versions of CUDM; the real mode version that uses
DOS standard memory and EMS (if available), and; the protected mode version
that uses a DOS extender to access all of memory as if it were part of
standard DOS memory. The Protected mode version requires a 386 or better
with at least 1-meg of extended memory.

The shareware release of each version has a capacity of approximately
8,000 records in each catalog file.

The registered release activates the appropriate memory driver to allow for
virtually unlimited capacity in all of the catalog files. If you don't have
Expanded memory the Real mode version will activate a virtual memory driver
and use your disk like memory.

While you may freely share this program it is copyrighted material and if
you continue to use it after a reasonable period (30 days) you are expected
to register it with the owner. See the last page of the DOC file for
information on registering.

****CAUTION The documentation contains high ASCII characters and is
designed for a printer capable of outputting line characters ******

Micro System Solutions Orders 1-800-421-1789
5048 W. Maplewood Ave. Questions 1-303-795-7653
Littleton, CO 80123 FAX 1-303-727-6870
Support BBS 1-303-795-9583 (2400 N81)
v3.3x 2/15/92 - 4/30/92
o original release of v3.3
o Fixed shared read for read only files
sometimes mistakenly id'd files as archives.
o Fixed to retain comments and category on update.
o Fixed field lengths to correct errors in updating diskettes.
o Fixed routine which cleaned up file after updating.
o Would delete all records which volumes higher in the alphabetic
chain than the one being updated.
o Replaced the viewer with a faster one.
o Added string searching in comments and multiple imbedded strings in
o Added the 'S' edit filter to split filenames.
o Fixed a bug in the branding routine that left an extraneous set of
catalog files behind.
o Fixed a bug that hung the PC when the viewer was opened for volumes
followed by files.
o Improved speed in the user sort key function.
o Added external record export feature. Available only in the Plus
o Added a routine to rebuild the indexes. This routine also re-counts
the records and maintains index order.
o Incorporated the overlay file into the .EXE for easier product
o Added duplicate file check into the view screens.
o External export program available to registered users.
o Fixed bugs which prevented the search routine from selecting any
records and one which prevented the print routine from printing
anything but the file view. The extensive nature of the problem
warranted a new release number.
o Fixed ZIP file expansions. Program was not checking for the proper
o Added case insensitive search for comments.
o Changed the category search to be case insensitive at all times.
o Added capability to change the catalog name from within the default
dialog box.
o Fixed the command line to actually change the catalog name. Added the
/diskdrive to the command line, example: /c will use drive C as the
o Fixed the printer select dialog to automatically retain the default
printer type.
o Add compressed and double column printing.
o Added support for nonstandard page sizes.

v3.4x 5/12/92
o Changed the format of the screen and print layout windows to a dialog
box to support buttons to save the layout.
o Fixed a bug in the add/update routine which used the hard drive date
as the date for a floppy.
o Fixed a bug in the update that caused an update to increment the
volume count. (Be sure to run the rebuild function to reset your
o System wasn't saving comments properly during an update.
o Added an Import/Export capability in the form of external programs
available to registered users. These programs will be sent on the
distribution disk or will be available on the BBS in the REGUSERS

v3.5x 7/06/92 - 8/12/92
o Changed the volume label routines to add the label to the
mediaID portion of the diskette boot record. (per DOS 4.x & 5.0)
o Changed the record delete to take subordinate entries into account.
Deleting the volume now deletes all archives and files from that
volume. Deleting the archive deletes all files in the archive.
o Moved the sequencing option to the menu. Improved the speed and
interface. See ORDER on the LIST menu.
o Added a DEFAULT dialog option to include the drive letter in the
subdirectory field of the catalog record. Added this new flag to
the configuration file, so the new configuration version is 3.42.
o Added Update/Add abort. Hitting any key during operation will
abort the Update/Add.
o Added a volume rename function. Alt-R will prompt for a new volume
o Added a Volume View option. (Kind of slow in this version, will
be speeded up in next release)
o Corrected a design flaw which slowed down large updates.
o Corrected a bug in the comment routines which failed to deallocate
memory after a comment was added. Systems would eventually run out
of memory and lock-up.
o Fixed a bug in Screen and Print Layout windows. Prompts were
uppercase only.
o Fixed a bug in the print routine which forced a "Printer head out
of position" error 18401.
o Fixed a bug. The memo editor didn't release its buffer when
complete. Eventually the program would have all of memory and
o Some macro systems take control of interrupt vectors which
conflict with CUDM when trying to shell to DOS. Added code to
restore standard vectors and replace them upon return from DOS.
Also added code to completely shut-down the catalogs before
shelling out. This will protect the files if a proper exit from
the shell is not made.
o Fixed a bug in the print routine which caused the print to abort
with a 18401 error on positional printers such as dot-matrix.
o Added support for 43 and 50 line screen modes if operating on an
EGA or VGA screen.
o Registered users now have access to a catalog only and a view only
commandline program.
o Registered users now have access to a file cleanup program to fix
most errors.

v3.6x 8/17/92 - 11/10/92
o Fixed a new bug Unable to save comments or categories.
o Fixed another v3.52 bug Unable to delete current entry.
o Overlay was only using standard RAM. Fixed it to use EMS. System is
now much faster.
o Fixed a problem with the way the registered version allocates and
releases EMS memory. This should make system sharing easier.
o Added universal hot keys.
- AltX ... exits CUDM from anywhere in the program.
- AltA or F5 ... Begins quick catalog from anywhere in the
o Turned the mouse back on in the main menu.
o This release fixes the comment search routine. The original routine
had an uninitialized case flag and as a result wouldn't search for
case sensitive until at least one "ignore case" search was completed.
o Fixed the DOS Shell option which worked fine for 25 line mode but
hung the system for 43 & 50 line modes. The allocated buffer used
to store the current window was too small.
o Added an option to add a Data Set manually.
o Corrected screen layout window. Volume and File windows were
o Fixed the volume selection window to accept more than 15 volumes.
o Moved the colors into the configuration file.
o Rewrote the setcolor program, now called DMCOLOR.EXE
o Renamed the CUDM.CFG file to CUDM.INI to pave the way to Windows.
o Added command line parameter "/NOEMS". This turns off all
use of EMS for those machines which have major memory
compatibility problems as well as old EMS drivers.

NOTE ***********
Older version of HIMEM.SYS will hang the system when it tries to
allocate EMS. We recommend anyone having problems with system hangs
replace HIMEM.SYS with the version dated 3-10-92 3:10 or later.

v3.7x 12/03/92 -
o Minor fixes to accomodate new version of software and compiler.
o Changed the branding routine.
o Added a 'comment exists' notification character in the view screens.
Look for a musical note next to the file name.
o Replaced the print routine with a smaller, faster one.
o Corrected a problem in the new print routine.
o Added a protected mode version which uses extended memory.
Distributed as CUDMExxx (CUDME3.EXE on Compuserve)
o Fixed the record limit test to properly reflect memory type and
o Added a memo line to the status screen to show capacity.

v3.xx..... and beyond. Things to come.
Finally fix the label print routines and get it distributed.
(Sorry about the delay folks) Read comments from external sources.
Add duplicates only view. and much more.


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