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Compare BBS file lists to your CATDISK file log.
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Compare BBS file lists to your CATDISK file log.
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Contents of the CATCOMP2.DOC file

Copyright (C) 1990 by Wayne A. Davis ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
ENDORSED BY: Mr. Rick Hillier, Author of CATDISK.

December 23, 1990

Program: CATCOMP2.EXE Version 1.3

Description: CATDISK UTILITY for BBSer's
CatDisk can be found in Compuserve Lib #:9 as CD450.EXE

Purpose: A: Creates text filelists that show what files YOU have
stored via CATDISK 3.56-4.50 that a target BBS Master
Download list lacks.

B: Creates SORTED, UNCLUTTERED text filelists of BBS Master
Download lists which have all the comments, titles and
graphics removed to assist in finding files YOU lack.

Shareware ($10 reg. fee)

Why this
is important: Most BBS's have a requirement that for "X" amount of Downloads
there must be a certain percentage of uploads, otherwise access
to the Download section is revoked. The Lists that CATCOMP2
generates, show EXACTLY which files you could upload without
duplicating an existing file. CATCOMP2 eliminates the need to
manually search hardcopy in order to choose uploadable files!

Limitations: For CATDISK Version 3.56-4.50 ONLY.
4000 filenames in TARGET D/L list.
2000 filenames in Catdisk's DTA file.
Hard Drive is ADVISABLE.
COMPCFG.CFG MUST reside in same directory as CATCOMP.EXE.

How to use
CATCOMP2: NOTE: I recommend that No TSR's be in memory along with CATCOMP2
as CATCOMP2 uses substantial amounts of memory when
processing large filelists. However, you MAY find that it
will work, try it and see. You will receive an error
message if CatComp2 cannot run due to insufficient memory.

1. Execute COMPCFG FIRST! (only required once, SKIP this step if
upgrading from an older Catcomp Version.)

COMPCFG.EXE has been modified for easier use, however, NO change has
been made to the COMPCFG.CFG file format.

2. Execute CATCOMP2.

3. Answer "Default" question and optionally enter DTA filename.

The DTA filename is the CatDisk CATALOG FILE you want CATCOMP2
to use. Remember to include the extention: .DTA

4. Answer "ZIP file" question.

Answering "y" tells CatComp2 you additionally want to process
filenames which exist within ZIP files. These expanded filenames
must exist in the DTA file you use.

5. Answer the "Sorted List" Question.

Answering "y" tells CatComp2 to create a sorted and uncluttered
listing of the TARGET BBS FileList. File will have .SRT extension.

6. Answer the "Announce" question.

Answering "N" will prevent the Warble tone from occurring at program
completion. (great for those "all-nighters")

6. Enter the "MASTER BBS Listing Filename:"

Type in the FILENAME.EXT (ONLY) of the TARGET BBS FileList that you
want to process.

7. will abort operation.

Hitting F1 at any time during execution will terminate the program.

During program execution, CatComp2 will show what it is currently
doing. Much of the information shown will appear in the header
portion of the respective .CMP and .SRT lists.

8. WARBLE TONE will announce program completion IF SELECTED. You will
return to DOS.

9. Type, List or Print the file(s) having the same name as the BBS list,
BUT with the .CMP or .SRT extension.

The generated COMPARISON list ALWAYS has the extension: .CMP
The SORTED list ALWAYS has the extension: .SRT

BOTH are created in the same directory the target MASTER BBS
D/L list resides in.

I.E. BBS D/L List was: TOM.LST
CATCOMP2 generated file is: TOM.CMP in the SAME directory.

The header/footer information in the .CMP and .SRT files is self-
explanatory with perhaps 2 exceptions: The "Run Time:" entry in the
.CMP files. and the "Duplicate filenames" entry in the .SRT files.

The "Run Time" entry in .CMP files is the minutes and seconds CatComp2
took to do all Loading, Sorting and Processing operations, starting
when "enter" is pressed after last keystroke and, ending when writing
files to disk begins.

The "Duplicate Filenames" entry in .SRT files is the number of filenames
that exist in the MASTER BBS List more than once. I.E. If the
filename "DISK.FIL" appeared 4 times and the filename "TEST.FIL"
appeared 6 times in the MASTER BBS list, "Duplicate Filenames"
would be: 8 These EXTRA filenames are discarded.

10. An ASTERISK (*) preceeding a CATDISK filename indicates that file
is contained WITHIN a ZIPfile. (IF you've enabled the function by
answering "Y" to the "ZIP file" question.)

11. If "SORTED list" option is used, the generated file will have the
same NAME, but with the .SRT extension.

I.E. BBS D/L List was: TOM.LST
CATCOMP2 generated SORTlist is: TOM.SRT in the SAME directory.

This listing is the SORTED, UNCLUTTERED list of MASTER BBS filenames
with duplicate filenames removed.

Note: When Analyzing the structure of a listing, CATCOMP2 looks for the
period in the filename, A CONSISTANT place where DOUBLE SPACES occur,
and consistant "/" or "-" on the same line as would be used in dates.

EXAMPLE --> 12/12/90 or 12-12-90
^ ^ ^ ^

Lines in the listing having BBS Filenames that have no period, or
lacking a position where DOUBLE SPACES occur, or lines without dates
will be SKIPPED, but should you encounter a rogue filename that was
uploaded in LOWERCASE, a conversion to UPPERCASE will be made by
CATCOMP2. Other criteria is involved, but these are the FIRST things
it looks for. Below are some example filenames that show what is
acceptable and non-acceptable.

Examples: MYFILE.COM THISIS. 12/12/90 or 12-12-90 - ACCEPTED
^ ^
FILE COM FILE or File. w/ NO date - SKIPPED
^ ^

As of this release, The MAJORITY of BBS's in my area follow this
format, but if this should change, or, you find that most in your
area are different, drop me a line. A suitable updated version will be
released at first opportunity. I am constantly striving to improve
CATCOMP2 as my revision history proves.

There are 4 files in the Zip:

CATCOMP2.EXE The main program.
COMPCFG.EXE Configuration program.
CATCOMP2.DOC Documentation textfile. (This File)
CATCOMP2.HST Revision History textfile.

DO NOT bundle CATCOMP2 or it's files with ANY
other software in the same compressed file.

DO NOT alter CATCOMP2, COMPCFG, . DOC or .HST files in ANY way.

CATCOMP2 has received the Endorsment of: Mr. Rick Hillier, Author of CATDISK!

you decide to continue using it, a registration fee of $10.00 U.S. is required
UNLESS you've already sent a fee for a previous CATCOMP2 version. Drop a check
in an envelope, lick a stamp and send it off. This fee entitles you to use past,
present, AND future releases of CATCOMP2 under the same registration.

REGISTERED users have PRIORITY for any replies or inquiries.

THIS IS VERY INEXPENSIVE considering how much time and grief it will spare
you, and how much TIME has gone into development! Comments and suggestions are
welcome. By mail, send an S.A.S.E. for reply. Enough said.

PLEASE, send CATCOMP2 registration fees to: Wayne A. Davis
17617 N. 9 St., #2076
Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.
Make checks payable to: Wayne Davis 85022-1943

CompuServe ID: 74040,3076 - comments, suggestions, replies.

The LATEST versions of CATCOMP2 and CATDISK are available for download
from Compuserve and:

The ChalkBoard BBS in Phoenix, Arizona.
(602) 395-9726 (8N1) 9600 Baud Max.
NO verification required. The BBS is a SPITFIRE board.

To Log-on: Answer- CATDISK for "FIRST NAME"
"Cat" for "PASSWORD"

You may also leave mail in the area.
CATDISK is Copyrighted by: Rick Hillier
405 Barrington Lane ALL Registration fee's
Waterloo, Ontario for CATDISK are to be
Canada N2T 1H9 sent to Mr Hillier.

My personal thanks to Mr. Hillier for his endorsment, comments and
suggestions during the creation of this utility which proved to be of
great help and value to me, and also to Mr. Michael Benedict, Sysop of the
Chalkboard BBS, who has graciously provided the use of his BBS as a
"Home Base" for CATCOMP.

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