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CHKPATH v1.01 path file conflict detector. Very useful utility.
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CHKPATH v1.01 path file conflict detector. Very useful utility.
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Contents of the CHKPATH.DOC file

CHKPATH - A Path File Conflict Detection Utility

Authored by Alan Jay Weiner, Technology 21

version 1.01

As software is installed and upgraded, it is possible for copies of
programs to be placed in more than one directory in the path. In
some cases, these are the same program, and are simply redundant
copies; the only penalty is wasted space. In other cases, they may
be different versions of the same program, with different
capabilities. Or, they may be completely different programs or data
files, which just happen to have the same name.

Many programs search for files (either data files, or additional
program files) along the path. If there are conflicting files in the
path, the wrong file may be used. This is analogous to being dropped
into a city with the wrong map. Consequenses of using the wrong file
vary from none to catastrophic. Often the program will work, but
with intermittant problems. This can be difficult to diagnose; the
software may have worked in the past, when the correct file was being

Reorganizing a disk, or changing the order of directories in the
path can cause a system to go psychotic, if the wrong files are
found. Often the problems will not become apparent until well after
the problem is caused, making diagnosis difficult.

CHKPATH has been created to detect this situation. It checks all
files in all directories in the path, and reports any conflicting
files. It is completely safe to run; it does not attempt to fix
anything, it merely reports the conflict. This protects you in the
event that a file only appears to be a conflict, but is actually

CHKPATH's report is in the form:

CHKPATH version 1.01
Copyright 1991 by Alan Jay Weiner
All rights reserved

starting directory: "C:\SHARWARE\CHKPATH"
there are 7 directories in the path
1: D:\X
2: D:\BIN
3: D:\BAT
4: C:\DOS
There are 52 files in D:\X
There are 130 files in D:\BIN
There are 24 files in D:\BAT
There are 83 files in C:\DOS
There are 117 files in D:\WINDOWS
There is 1 file in D:\WINBIN
There are 78 files in E:\BORLANDC\BIN
there is a total of 485 files along the path

Conflicts against D:\X\!!!!.COM 6331 19 Oct 83 7:51pm
(extra EXE file) D:\X\!!!!.EXE 6331 19 Oct 83 7:51pm
(extra BAT file) D:\X\!!!!.BAT 6331 19 Oct 83 7:51pm
(duplicate file) D:\BIN\!!!!.COM 6331 19 Oct 83 7:51pm
(extra EXE file) D:\BIN\!!!!.EXE 6331 19 Oct 83 7:51pm

Conflicts against D:\BIN\DEBUG.COM 12223 19 Oct 83 7:52pm
(extra EXE file) C:\DOS\DEBUG.EXE 20634 9 Apr 91 5:00am

Conflicts against C:\DOS\DOSSHELL.COM 4623 9 Apr 91 5:00am
(extra EXE file) C:\DOS\DOSSHELL.EXE 235484 9 Apr 91 5:00am

Conflicts against D:\X\DPMILOAD.EXE 42902 20 Jul 90 12:01am
(duplicate file) E:\BORLANDC\BIN\DPMILOAD.EXE 10864 13 Feb 91 2:00am

Conflicts against D:\BAT\FORMAT.BAT 374 4 Jul 91 2:01am
(extra COM file) C:\DOS\FORMAT.COM 32911 9 Apr 91 5:00am

Conflicts against D:\X\LIB.EXE 54736 20 Feb 90 5:22pm
(duplicate file) D:\BIN\LIB.EXE 32150 31 Jul 87 0:00am

Conflicts against C:\DOS\RAMDRIVE.SYS 5873 9 Apr 91 5:00am
(duplicate file) D:\WINDOWS\RAMDRIVE.SYS 5719 1 May 90 3:00am

Conflicts against C:\DOS\README.TXT 33655 9 Apr 91 5:00am
(duplicate file) D:\WINDOWS\README.TXT 35356 9 Aug 90 5:20pm

Conflicts against C:\DOS\SMARTDRV.SYS 8335 9 Apr 91 5:00am
(duplicate file) D:\WINDOWS\SMARTDRV.SYS 6866 1 May 90 3:00am

Conflicts against D:\BIN\TREE.EXE 13944 21 May 84 9:41am
(extra COM file) C:\DOS\TREE.COM 6901 9 Apr 91 5:00am

There are 13 conflicting files

As CHKPATH checks the path, it will list any files which are in
conflict. A file is considered to be in conflict if it has an
identical name and extension, but is in a different directory. If
the initial file is executable, files are in conflict if they have
the same name and any executable extension, in the same or another

Executable files have an extension of .BAT, .COM, or .EXE. These
files are searched for by DOS, when they are executed from the
command line. CHKPATH will report the file which DOS will execute as
the initial file, and any conflicts.

You should review each set of conflicts and determine which is the
correct file to remain in the path. In most cases, one of the files
should remain, while duplicate instances should be erased. In some
cases, the latest version is not the first file found. In that case,
usually the older files should be removed.
Occasionally, files must remain in conflict. These may be cases such
as DOS 5's "DOSSHELL" files. DOS 5 supplies DOSSHELL.COM which, when
executed, loads the file DOSSHELL.EXE. Since they are both in the
same directory, they rely on the order that DOS looks for files.
However, since they have the same name, and executable-file
extensions, CHKPATH will report them as a conflict.
This can also occur with data files. In the sample report shown,
there are files named README.TXT in both C:\DOS and D:\WINDOWS. In
this particular case, it is unlikely that any other program will refer
to these files, so it is unnecessary to resolve the conflict.
Some data files may be used by programs. If the program searches
the path, it will find the first file listed. For these programs, it
may be necessary to force them to use the required file from the
necessary directory. This is usually possible with a command-line

The concept of Shareware

Often, software is purchased from a store or distributor. The
purchaser must pay for it before they can try it - even to determine
if it is suitable for their purposes. The price includes more than
just the cost of the software. Packaging, printing, shipping,
distributor overhead, and other costs all drive the price up.

Shareware on the other hand, is a concept which bypasses most of
the costs associated with "normal" software. The distribution is
usually by computerized bulletin board ("BBS") or purchased with
other shareware programs on a low-cost disk. It is also permissible
to provide copies of shareware to others. All files supplied must be
distributed with copies, and they may not be modified in any way,
except for compression (ZIP, ARC or other utilities) to reduce
storage requirements, or to archive all the files into a single file.

Shareware is designed to be sold on a "try-before-buy" basis. Once
it is determined that the software works as intended, and suits the
purpose, the user "registers" as a user. This permits the continued
use of the program.

The shareware is a copyrighted program; the authors retain all
rights to the software, while allowing free distribution. As such,
all users are obligated to register if they intend to continue use of
the program. This is true regardless of where the software was
obtained, even if received from a friend who has registered.

Registering as a user

Only you can determine the value of software to you. With this in
mind, the registration fee is based on a sliding scale: if you get
great value from CHKPATH (perhaps finding a conflict that had been
causing, or would have caused problems) you are requested to pay more
than if no benefit was gained.

My recommended registration fee is: (all figures are U.S. dollars)

no benefit, and I hate the programno fee, but please let
me know why you feel as
you do, and what I can
change to improve it

no benefit, and I'm not going tono fee
run it again

peace-of-mind, and I'll never run$1.00

peace-of-mind benefit - no conflicts$3.00
were found, and I'll run CHKPATH
occasionally to check again

a few conflicts found, and saved me$4.00
future headaches

saved me! conflicts found which were$6.00
causing me problems

I'd like to register, and send me$10.00
the source code. (written in C)

If you feel another amount is more appropriate, please select
that amount. If it is $10 or more, you will be sent source code.

If you are running CHKPATH on multiple machines, with multiple
users, a site license is required. The rates area:

2 to 5 machines $15.00
6 to 25 machines $25.00
26 to 50 machines $50.00
over 50 machines $1.00 per machine

All site licenses include source code license. A single copy
of the source code will be issued, and may be used on all machines.





City_____________________________ State________ Zip________________


Registration fee for CHKPATH:

registration fee ($1.00 to $250.00 - see above schedule)

( ) single-user license

( ) site license number of machines: __________


if the amount is $10.00 or more, you will be sent
a disk containing the source code. The source code is
for your use only; it may not be redistributed to others.
(the source code is NOT shareware)

( ) 3.5" diskette( ) 5.25" diskette
(720k format) (360k format)

Mail to:
Alan Weiner
Technology 21
123 Lake Street
Waltham, MA 02154

For technical support or registration information,
please telephone (617) 893-7240

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