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Output of file : COPYPROC.ASM contained in archive : COPYDSK.ZIP
; COPYPROC.ASM - companion assembly routines for COPYDISK.C
; Procedures:
; unsigned volcopy (int source, int target)
; Duplicates volume label from the source drive to the target
; drive. If the source drive has no label, the procedure
; will delete any existing label from the target.
; int drvinfo (unsigned char drive, struct drvinfo_t * drv)
; Returns a boolian value indicating the validity of the
; specified drive. If valid, fills the structure pointed to
; by the drv parameter with information about the drive's
; media type, total diskspace, total allocation and free
; space.
; void setint24 (int *)
; Installs an interrupt 24 critical error handler.
; void restint24 (void);
; Restores old interrupt 24 critical error handler.




xfcb db 255 ;xfcb flag
db 5 dup (0) ;reserved
db 8 ;volume attribute byte
db 1 ;drive code (0 = current)
db 11 dup ('?') ;wildcard filename and extension
db 25 dup (0) ;remainder of FCB (not used)

dtabuff db 64 dup (0) ;new dta: receives search results


int24 dd 0 ; address of original
; critical error handler

cerror dd 0 ; far pointer to caller's
; critical error flag

drvstruct dd 0 ; far pointer to caller's
; drive info structure

cr equ 0dh
lf equ 0ah

prompt db cr,lf,'Non-maskable Critical Error',cr,lf,'$'

volcopy PROC USES si di ds es, Drive1:WORD, Drive2:WORD
;mov dx,seg dtabuff
;mov ds,dx
mov dx,offset dtabuff
mov ah,1ah ; set new dta address
int 21h

mov bx,Drive2 ; store target drive drive number (1 byte)
mov xfcb+7,bl ; to xFCB offset 7
mov dx,offset xfcb
mov ah,13H ; Delete volume from target drive
int 21H

mov bx,Drive1 ; store source drive drive number
mov xfcb+7,bl ; to xFCB offset 7
mov dx,offset xfcb
mov ah,11h ; dos find first
int 21h

mov cx,11 ; max size of vol name
mov si,offset dtabuff + 8 ;pos of vol name in dta
mov di,offset xfcb+8
rep movsb ; copy volume name from dta to xfcb

mov bx,Drive2
mov xfcb+7,bl

mov dx,offset xfcb ; Create the new volume label file
mov ah,16H ; on target disk
int 21H
cmp al,00h ; error, prob empty volume name
jne novol
mov dx,offset xfcb ; Close the file
mov ah,10H
int 21H
novol: mov ah,0
volcopy ENDP

drvinfo PROC USES bx ds di si, Drive:BYTE, DrvStru:PTR WORD
mov ax,DrvStru
mov word ptr cs:drvstruct,ax
mov word ptr cs:drvstruct+2,ds

mov dl,Drive
mov ah,1ch ; get drive type
int 21h
cmp al,0ffh ; invalid drive or critical error?
je error

sub ax,ax
mov al,byte ptr ds:[bx] ; points to media type info
lds bx,cs:drvstruct
mov word ptr ds:[bx],ax ; store drive type in info structure

mov ah,36h ; get drive allocation information
mov dl,Drive
int 21h
cmp ax,0ffffh ; invalid drive or critical error?
jne szok
error: cld
mov ax,0 ; reset info structure to NULLs
mov cx,7
mov di,word ptr cs:drvstruct
rep stosw
jmp errexit ; return FALSE

szok: ; get total disk size
push ax ; sectors per cluster
push bx ; available clusters
push dx ; clusters per drive
pop bx
mul cx
mul bx
lds bx,cs:drvstruct
mov word ptr ds:[bx+2], ax ; lDiskSpace (ax * cx * dx)
mov word ptr ds:[bx+4], dx

; get total free
pop bx
pop ax
mul cx
mul bx
lds bx,cs:drvstruct
mov word ptr ds:[bx+10], ax ; lDiskFree (ax * bx * cx)
mov word ptr ds:[bx+12], dx

; calculate total allocated
mov ax,word ptr ds:[bx+4]
sub ax,word ptr ds:[bx+12]
xchg ax,dx
mov ax,word ptr ds:[bx+2]
sub ax,word ptr ds:[bx+10]
jnc skip
dec dx
skip: mov word ptr ds:[bx+6], ax ; lDataSize
mov word ptr ds:[bx+8], dx

mov ax,1 ; return TRUE
errexit: ret

drvinfo ENDP

setint24 PROC USES ds di si, cflag:PTR WORD
mov ax,cflag
mov word ptr cs:cerror,ax
mov word ptr cs:cerror+2,ds

mov ax,3524h ; get critical error interrupt vector
int 21h

mov word ptr cs:int24,bx
mov word ptr cs:int24+2,es

push cs
pop ds
mov dx,offset @code:criterr ; install our handler
mov ax,2524h
int 21h

setint24 ENDP

restint24 PROC USES ds di si
lds dx,cs:int24
mov ax,2524h ; restore int 24 handler
int 21h
restint24 ENDP

criterr proc far
push bx
push cx
push dx
push si
push di
push bp
push ds
push es
test ah, 00000001b ; test for non-disk error (e.g. re-
jz setflag ; direction to off-line printer, etc)
abort: mov ax,seg prompt
mov ds,ax
mov es,ax
mov dx,offset prompt ; display prompt
mov ah,9
int 21h
mov al,2 ; return ABORT code to dos kernel
jmp exit
setflag: lds bx,cs:cerror ; set critical error flag
mov word ptr ds:[bx],1
ignore: mov al,0 ; return IGNORE code to dos kernel
exit: pop es
pop ds
pop bp
pop di
pop si
pop dx
pop cx
pop bx
criterr endp


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