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Program: COPYDISK.C C 5.1 and MASM 5.1

Purpose: Copies volume label, subdirectory structure and all files
regardless of attribute type from one disk medium to another.

Author: Gordon Harris
3349 Humboldt Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Comments can be addressed to my
CompuSurve address: [72611,620]

Description: COPYDISK is an XCOPY like utility which allows you to copy
an entire disk to a drive of differing type, e.g. copy
the contents of a 1.2 m floppy to a 1.44 m floppy, etc.

Unlike XCOPY, COPYDISK will copy the volume label from the
source disk to the target, as well as copying all
subdirectories and files including hidden, system or read-
only files and directories. All files on the target disk
created by COPYDISK will have identical attributes (dates,
times, etc) as the files on the source disk. If the
source disk is bootable, so will the resulting target disk.

Syntax: The syntax for using COPYDISK is:

COPYDISK sourcedrive: targetdrive: [-n] [-x] [-f]

where "sourcedrive:" and "targetdrive:" are valid dos drives
and [-n], [-x] and [-f] are optional parameters.

Operation: Given valid parameters, COPYDISK (1) performs a media check
on the indicated drives, (2) prompts the user for permission
to delete all existing data from the target drive, (3) copies
the volume label from the source drive to the target and then
(4) proceeds to copy all files and directories from the source
to the target.

COPYDISK will abort if its check of the media type of the
target disk reveals that it is a fixed disk. This protects
you from inadvertently deleting the contents of a hard disk
either by using an incorrect parameter for the target drive
or by using a virtual drive name created by ASSIGN or SUBST
which represents a fixed disk drive or subdirectory on a
hard disk.

During the media check, COPYDISK installs its own critical
error handler. If a error is detected reading either the
source or target drives, COPYDISK will prompt you to retry
access to the disk. If you choose not to retry access to
the target disk, COPYDISK will prompt you as to whether you
wish to format the target.

COPYDISK will also abort if the data on the source disk is
too large to fit on the empty target disk, or if any errors
occur reading data from the source or writing data to the
target disks.

Optional Parameters:
-n (no prompt). This is useful when using COPYDISK in batch
files. With the "-n" parameter, COPYDISK will not prompt you
for permission to delete all data from the target disk.

-x (relaxed media checking). With this parameter, the target
disk may be a hard disk and the source data may be larger
than the capacity of the target disk.

-f (format target automatically if media check failure). With
this parameter, the DOS FORMAT.COM command will be spawned
without prompting if the target disk fails the media check.


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