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Copies multiple files and directories.
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Copies multiple files and directories.
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Contents of the COPYALL.DOC file

' COPYALL Version 1.2 ----- Copyright 1988, Timothy J. O'Malley

COPYALL is a shareware program that can be used much like the DOS
COPY command and may be distributed and copied freely as long as both
files, COPYALL.EXE and COPYALL.DOC, are copied in their entirety and
without modification. This software is intended to be used on an "AS IS"
basis and the author assumes NO responsibility for the performance or
application of this software product or any damages arising from its use.
The user, therefore, must determine the suitability of this software for
his computer or application.

Here are three examples:

C>COPYALL C:\*.COM A: This copies all .COM files in the root
directory on drive C: to diskettes on drive A:

C>COPYALL PA* B: This copies all files starting with PA in
the current directory to diskettes on drive B:

C>COPYALL FILES A: If FILES is a subdirectory from the current
directory, it will copy all those files to A:
If FILES is the name of a file, then it
will copy it.

You can copy multiple files to several diskettes without using the
DOS BACKUP command (which doesn't allow you to see file names). The files
are copied in alphabetical order and all of an individual file resides on
only one diskette.

Large files can't be copied if they exceed the size of the diskette.
COPYALL can't be used in a batch file and must have a drive destination
letter assigned. You can't use CON or PRN with it. Files with spaces
inside their names, like PAGE 1.TXT, aren't copied (just like DOS COPY).


Software Library Information:

This disk copy provided as a service of

The Public (Software) Library

We are not the authors of this program, nor are we associated
with the author in any way other than as a distributor of the
program in accordance with the author's terms of distribution.

Please direct shareware payments and specific questions about
this program to the author of the program, whose name appears
elsewhere in this documentation. If you have trouble getting
in touch with the author, we will do whatever we can to help
you with your questions. All programs have been tested and do
run. To report problems, please use the form that is in the
file PROBLEM.DOC on many of our disks or in other written for-
mat with screen printouts, if possible. The P(s)L cannot de-
bug programs over the telephone.

Disks in the P(s)L are updated monthly, so if you did not get
this disk directly from the P(s)L, you should be aware that
the files in this set may no longer be the current versions.

For a copy of the latest monthly software library newsletter
and a list of the 1,400+ disks in the library, call or write

The Public (Software) Library
P.O.Box 35705 - F
Houston, TX 77235-5705
(713) 665-7017

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