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Compares two file's date, time, size and data. Can specify hidden files.
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Compares two file’s date, time, size and data. Can specify hidden files.
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Compare will execute a byte by byte compare check of two files.
Any mismatches will be output to the screen as absolute offsets from
the beginning of the file. I/O redirection is supported, and output
can be redirected to a disk file.

Compare uses an advanced double segment buffering scheme to
take advantage of the DOS 64k block read function. Each file is
read into its own 64k segment and then compared on a byte basis.

Unlike the DOS Comp.Com utility, Compare will process files of
unequal length, up the the length of the shorter file.

Time, date, and data are all checked. The results can be tested
via the DOS ErrorLevel function. Wild cards are not supported at this
release level.

ErrorLevel 0 - Files are identical
1 - Size mismatch
2 - Data mismatch
3 - Abort with error

The highest level return code is the returned result. The
return code can be displayed by including /D on the command line
after the 2nd file name.

Compare file1.ext file2.ext /D

Bug reports, praise, and money all graciously accepted. Mailing
address and CompuServe E-Mail ID are included in the banner screen.
Type COMPARE to display usage instructions and banner screen.

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