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A good menuing system with full C source.
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A good menuing system with full C source.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Menudrv was first developed in Pascal around 1986 to permit users (not
experts) to productively use a PC without having to know about DOS, where
programs were physically located, etc. It allows an expert user to set up
a hard disk system so that anyone can see at a glance what tools it has to
offer-- and how to get to them --by simply pressing a key or two.

The Pascal version of Menudrv was initially used by my department at
McDonnell Douglas, students at Belleville Area College, and associates at
Scott AFB. It has migrated to other Air Force and business locations from
these, but has had no formal distribution (until now).

In 1989, Bob Sutter, an avid Menudrv user at the Pentagon, Wash DC, sent me
an updated version of the Pascal program with greatly enhanced alarm and
reminder functions. He inquired about copyright and shareware
possibilities, since we each had a considerable investment in the product.
Because I have always considered the program public domain, I agreed that
he could continue to enhance the Pascal version as shareware. But I would
create a new version in C, which would continue to be available in the
public domain.

So here it is! Feel free to expand it and improve it. Please share your
enhancements with the rest of us, however. That's half the fun!

John Queern

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