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COLORVIEW v2.40: Neat little utility that will help you to organize your DIR listings in a color coded format. Display certain types of files with distictive colors in a DIR list.

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COLOR VIEW Version 2.40 - +Features

Color View is an excellent replacement
for the dos "dir" command. Now have a
colorful directory listing makeing it easy
to locate files at a quick glance. Some
features include up to 30 extensions with
its own color, several modes of display,
several sorting switches and its easy to
configure. FAST! Compiled 06-07-94

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COLORVIEW v2.40: Neat little utility that will help you to organize your DIR listings in a color coded format. Display certain types of files with distictive colors in a DIR list.
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Contents of the CLRVIEW.DOC file

Color View V2.40

(C) Copyright 1994, by James B. Miller Jr.

Color View is a "dir" replacement which allows you to have a colorful
directory listing in several different fashions. I usually rename
the executable to "D.EXE" so that it makes it very accessable to
even a bad typist.


- Up to 30 definable extensions with its own color
- Several modes of display (4 column, 3 column, 2 column,
- Review files that have scrolled past the screen (registered versions)
- Several sorting switches
- Easy to configure


This program is shareware. If you continue to use this program for
more than 30 days you must register it by filling out the order form
and sending it and a $5.00 check or money order to the following address.
If you do not register the program after 30 days you must remove it
from your system. Registration is for one copy of the program and
it can only be used on one system. Therefore if you have two systems
and want to run Color View on both you must register twice.

Make the check or money order out to "The Hole In The Wall".

The Hole In The Wall
133 9th Avenue
Nederland TX 77627


Available switches are as follows:

/H = Help
/R = Registration Information
/C = Clear Screen before output
/F = Redirect output to file "CLRVIEW.OUT"
/E = Sort by Extension
/S = Sort by FileSize
/T = Sort by FileTime
/2 = 2 Columns (File,Size,Date,Time,Attr)
/3 = 3 Columns (File,Size,Attr)

NOTE: The /2 or /3 switch can be used in combination with the sorting
switches. When using the /F switch if the file already exist
output will be appended to the file. This switch can also be
used in combination with other switches.


With Color View 2.00+ you now have a program to aid in setting up
your extensions and colors.

Command line usage : CLRVCFG [Filename]
[Filename] is the name of the program file to edit and is optional.

While in the configuration program use the Tab, Up, Down or Enter key
to move from field to field. You may also use your mouse if you wish.
Colors MUST be in decimal. Pressing Alt + C will make a color palette
appear with the appropriate numbers for each color.

Below are other items found within the configuration program.

Default Color = Default extension color
Box Border = Box border color
File Length = File length color
Normal Text = Normal text
High Text 1 = Highlighted text #1
High Text 2 = Highlighted text #2
Directory = Directory color
Time = Time color
Date = Date color
Attribute = Attribute color
Hidden = Hidden file color
System = System File color
Display Type = Sets display mode
Default Switch #2 = A default switch to use
Default Switch #2 = A default switch to use
Review Mode = Sets review mode on or off
Clear = Clear the screen before output

* Below is a description of what the different Display Modes look like.

With Display set to Column: A C E

With Display set to Row: A B C

* Review mode, when turned on, will allow you to view files which
have already scrolled off the screen. This is done by using the
up and down arrow keys. Any other key will abort the process.
Review mode only works if the program is registered.


If you need help or have suggestions or problems please feel free
to contact me.

Jimmy Miller
The Hole In The Wall BBS
Node 1 : (409) 724-1037
Node 2 : (409) 724-1036
Fidonet 1:3811/22


Version 1.00 Released 01/09/94

- First Public Release

Version 1.10 Released 01/26/94

- Fixed wrong "bytes free" on large drives
- Fixed reversed day and month when using the -2 option
- Added a variable for a second highlighted text
- Made other small display changes

Version 1.11 Released 01/27/94

- Fixed a problem where the environment variables were not being
read or where being overridden by the contents of the exe itself.

Version 1.12 Released 03/14/94

- Fixed a problem where the screen would scroll past the top row of
files in some instances.

- By request I took out the period that was in the volume label if
there were more than 8 characters in the label.

Version 2.00 Released 03/22/94

Not much time between V1.12 and V2.00 huh! I was off work
and bored !

- Fixed a small problem where if the foreground color chosen was
a blinking color it would not blink.

- Removed the three ways of configuring the program (environment
variables, hex editing and configuration file).

- Added a configuration program to make it much easier to configure
Color View.

Version 2.01 Released 03/27/94

- Fixed a bug which screwed up the display when using the -E switch

Version 2.10 Released 04/05/94

- Changed code to make the directories all appear first in descending

- Changed the prefix for switches from "-" to "/".

- Added 10 more extensions that can be defined now making it 30.

- Added so that 2 switches can be configured to be used everytime
the program is executes.

- Made changes on how you can move around in the configuration program.

Version 2.20 Released 04/05/94

- Added the Review feature allowing you to review the files which have
already scrolled off the screen.

- Added the option of entering the program name on the command line of
the configuration program.

Version 2.30 Released 05/12/94

- Fixed it so that when sorting by extension it will also sort the

- Added a 3 column mode which displays the File, Size and Attribute.

Version 2.40 Released 06/07/94

- Added the /F switch which will redirect output to a file called
CLRVIEW.OUT. If the file exist, output will be appended to the

- Added the /C switch which will clear the screen before any output.

- Cleaned up the "PRESS ANY KEY" prompt so that it is cleared
before writing to the screen again.

- Changed the configuration program around a bit. It should be
a little easier to understand some of the items.

- Optimized code in hopes of speeding things up a bit

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