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CopyFile V1.00 - Buffered file copier with 0%-100% status bar.
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CopyFile V1.00 – Buffered file copier with 0%-100% status bar.
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Contents of the CF.DOC file

!! !!
!! Buffered File Copier w/ Status Bar v1.00 !!
!! !!

CF.EXE is a small program I wrote. It's purpose is to copy files using
a 9k (1 disk track) buffer. It is about the same speed, if not faster, in
copying files than the normally used DOS "COPY" command. It has the nice
addition of a 0 - 100 percent status bar. At this time, wildcards are not
supported, but, will they be in version 2.00 which be released if an
adequate response to this program is generated. For more information run
CF.EXE with no command line or "/?".

If you like this program, you must send a form of donation to me (Flaming
Chaos), as this program is distributed upon a shareware basis. I may be
contacted via the following BBS system:

The Nuclear Holocaust -:- 301-656-0731

When attempting to contact me, please do it in the form of "feedback"
to user #1. Also, PLEASE DO NOT CALL FOR ANY OTHER REASON, such as to
look for other programs I have written as it is not a support board for
my public domain and shareware programs, or to seek access as a normal user,
as IT IS A PRIVATE E-MAIL SYSTEM solely for my friends.

CF.EXE is a shareware program written solely by Flaming Chaos and is (C)1993
TnH Enterprises, and may be freely distributed. The only requirement of use
is that you pay a fee for usage (as stated above). The expected payment is
$7 or more.

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