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CDTO.COM by Ward Christensen 10/07/87

This program will change directory to the directory a given file is
contained in.
If you have lost a file on a disk, you would usually use a "whereis"
type program to find the file, then CD to the directory WHEREIS found
it in.
This program performs that function for you.
If the file is not found, it leaves you at the root level.
If you specified a wild card (? or *) in the filename then it will
ASK you for each file, whether this is the one you want to stop at.
You can press:
N (upper or lower case) to look for another match, -or-
Y (upper or lower case) to stop there
(space) to stop
(esc) to stop
Q to quit. Y, space, esc, and Q all do the same thing.

Enjoy. Please report bugs.

Bug-or-feature: if given a DIRECTORY name, it will change to the
directory which CONTAINS that directory. It does this because when you
say to find "something", it stops when that "something" is IN the
current directory.

Ward Christensen 76703,302

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