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CDD.DOC Version 1.00
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Copyright (c) 1986, 1987 Raymond Moon ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


D: is the desired destination drive
\PATH is the desired path

both drive and path are optional. If the command line is
blank, a help message is printed on the screen.

his program is a clone of Bruce B. Thomson program of the same name. I
have gotten to like CDD very much because it cuts down the number of
commands I have got to use to jump around my hard disk and floppies.

His version is written in C and would issue a "Path Not Found" error
message if it was evoked with only a drive.

My version is written in 100% assembly language and is significantly
smaller and a little faster than Bruce's program. The only feature of my
version of CDD that even might be considered a notch lower that Bruce's
version is that mine prints a LOGO. To that I say, "While the program is
trival, my ego is not."

Invalid Drive Specification - DOS did not log onto the specified drive.

Need DOS 2.0+ - Program was evoked with a vesion prior to DOS 2.0.

Path Not Found - DOS did not find the desired path.

- All users are granted to make as many copies of this programs as required.
- There are no restrictions on how many different computers one user may
use CDD.
- Copies may be distributed to others as long as the following
requirements are met:
-- All three files, CDD.ASM, CDD.COM, and CDD.DOC are transfered as a whole.
-- These programs must be distributed free of cost. Only the cost of the
media (e.g. diskette) can be charged.
-- The files are not modified in any way.
- The source code is distributed with the program to encourage user
modification to meet individual needs, but in no case will any of these
modifications be incorporated and distributed.
- The author encourages comments. Please leave comments, suggestions, or
suggested modifications in a message on Andy Smith's RBBS (301-956-3396).

The author has taken due care in writing this program, and the program is
supplied as is. The author makes no expressed or implied warranty of any
kind with regard to this program. In no event shall the author be liable
for incidental or consequential damages in connection with or arising out
of the use of this program.

CDD were assembled using Microsoft MASM v3.0 with the /ml and /a switches

3 May 1987 Raymond Moon

Version 1.00- 3 May 87

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