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UNIX-type utility that will quickly search a file for a specified string. C source is included.
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UNIX-type utility that will quickly search a file for a specified string. C source is included.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BGREP 1792 461 deflated
BGREP.EXE 12824 7142 deflated
BGREP.LNK 256 143 deflated
BM.C 2304 1002 deflated
BM.EXE 14848 7811 deflated
BM.H 512 280 deflated
BM.MAN 4096 1379 deflated
BM.P 2432 1148 deflated
EXECUTE.C 2432 917 deflated
EXTERN.H 640 250 deflated
GETPATFL.C 1408 580 deflated
GLOBAL.C 640 252 deflated
MAKEDESC.C 640 247 deflated
MAKESKIP.C 1280 573 deflated
MATCHFND.C 1152 529 deflated
MKDESVEC.C 768 341 deflated
MVRESDUE.C 1152 503 deflated
PRNTLN.C 640 283 deflated
PUTUSE.C 768 310 deflated
README 1024 596 deflated
SEARCH.C 1024 471 deflated
UNXYMAIN.C 4352 1657 deflated

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Contents of the README file

March 18, 1986

This archive is a MSDOS version of an "fgrep" utility ported from
XENIX to Computer Innovations C86 (quite simple, actually). It uses
the Boyer-Moore algorithm for parallel string searches. On XENIX it
really blows the real fgrep program away in performance. However, in
MSDOS, the FIND command is still a bit faster, albeit more limited.
In the archive:

bgrep.exe is the executable C86 program
bm.exe is another executable created with the XENIX/DOS cross-development
system. Note larger executable size. is the manual entry.
bgrep is a Makefile, usable with Microsoft MAKE Version 4.0, only slightly
hacked from the UNIX make.

The C86 version seemed at first to run MUCH slower that the Microsoft
version until I changed the file opening from an ASCII open to a BINARY
open. After that, the times seemed very close, with C86 having a slight
edge. I'd put money on the next version of C86 leaving Microsoft C in
the dust.
Clay Haapala
Lee Data Corporation

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