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Shows which files on drive need backup - via the archive bit directory entry.
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Shows which files on drive need backup – via the archive bit directory entry.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

BKPREVUE Version 1.0 "Backup Preview"

Displays files on user-selected drive(s) which have their archive bits set.

This is useful before an incremental backup to prevent wasting backup space
with files that do not need to be backed up, such as program files for a
new package you just installed and forgot that all those huge files have
their archive bit set.

USAGE: BKPREVUE [drive_list]

The drive list may be entered from the command line. Simply enter the
drive letter(s) after the program name without spaces between the letters.

If not entered at the command line, the program requests the list from the
standard input device (keyboard unless redirected).


Directories and files to be excluded may be entered into BKPREVUE.CFG,
a text file which must be in the default directory or in the same directory
as the program. Format is as follows, with each entry on one line:

1) To exclude a directory, enter the drive and path name. Example:

2) To exclude a directory and all its subdirectories, enter the drive
and path name and append '...'. Example:

3) To exclude files, enter the file name and extension ONLY, not the
path. The '*' wildcard is allowed, but not the '?'. Matching files
in any directory will be excluded from the list. (Maybe version 1.1
will have '?' wildcards and path qualification.) Examples:

4) Up to 128 directory and 128 file entries are permitted.

Output is to the standard output device (your monitor unless redirected).
You may therefore use the 'MORE' filter to make the display pause or the
'>' redirection to send the list to the printer or a file. Consult your
DOS manual for details. NOTE - When using 'MORE', you will have a couple
of MORE's temporary files listed in the current default directory.

If a single drive has more than 512 directories, including the root directory
and all subdirectories, only the first 512 will be listed.

Version 1.0 - Released August 28, 1991 by: Brian C. Peck
1962 N. Prospect, #602
Milwaukee, WI 53202-1468
CompuServe 72261,1435

BKPREVUE is written in ANSI C and compiled with the Borland Turbo C++ compiler
Version 1.01, which is not to be confused with the newer Borland C++ compiler,
although one would hope that it is upwardly compatible. The 'tiny' model
was used, which allowed conversion to a 'COM' file. The program has been
tested under Microsoft DOS 3.3 and 5.0.

Functions 'findfirst' and 'findnext' were used to search directories.

This program is hereby released to the public domain.

Comments and suggestions for improvement are invited. I would appreciate
constructive criticism and/or suggestions for better coding, and will
probably incorporate ideas into future versions. Keep in mind that I do not
want to write a "shell" program; there are lots of good ones out there.
I wanted this program to do one specific thing, which is to alert me to
files from which I want to remove the archive bit before an incremental

You may redistribute the ZIP file in exactly the same format you received it.
Do not alter, add to, or subtract from it. If you wish to make changes to
the program and distribute it anywhere, feel free to do so, but please strip
all references to my name, address, and CompuServe number. Also call your
product by a different name. I do not wish to receive any correspondence
regarding your changes.


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